Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The other caps I've done lately

Continued from last night, now that I"m not falling over in my chair..

Ahh boobs.. Will I never get tired of putting people into them. Probably not actually. Chase requested this picture, and I"m only too happy to boob people who present me with interesting things.

And this one is for my friend Ordos whom hasn't seen it yet. Hi! We have started a weekly caption exchange and this weeks theme was, "Bad boss, Good ___________" hope he likes it!

I think I've already said everything that needs to be said about these fetishes, but as a twist I"m on top in the toilet TF. Can you imagine the feeling of doing that to your boss? I've worked for a couple of people I wouldn't mind installing in rest room forever.

More captions!

More caps to roll out, it seems to me like I really need to remember these things. I had a couple of friends with birthdays so I made a few caps for those, and I also have requests I've been filling out and sending off so lets get this road on the show shall we?

This was for my friend Elly's birthday. I love her to death, and she loves baby bumps. Then again, I've gotten to like them myself. Of course in my case it's probably about the desire to have one for myself, and the fairly crushing disappointment of more than likely never getting one. Still it is an odd world where I dream fondly of morning sickness.

The first of four captions I made Chase for his birthday. Sorry Elly, I had more time leading up to Chases. Anyway, not much to say here other than the world bubble was easy to clean from the Manga image so poof, one cap down and I get to pad out my count.

This one was a dud, and was me pushing the gross factor quite a bit. Chase didn't much like it, and I'm including it here because I own my errors. And who knows, maybe someone out in internet land really wants it?

This one was created after the next one, on a dare from a friend of mine named Nikki, whom I have come to love to pieces but is not an exceptionally sexual person so it's unlikely you'll see much. Then again she knows how to push my buttons so sometimes I'm pondering a birthday cap, and she'll go, "great, now make yourself the sex toy." so thus did this become cap three, since I had already made cap four.

Lastly we have number four for Chases birthday, also a quick one based on this lovely manipulation that a random 4chan thread gave me. Petrifaction isn't something I do often, but it is something I enjoy. Oddly enough it's considered one of the less extreme objectificion fetishes so go me for also liking something slightly closer to normal?

The next few are requests or exchanges so my expert camera work is being denied..

A request for Chase again, Baby bellys for EVERYONE!  Also AR for me. More fun dreams I've had is waking up as a ten year old girl and getting a shot to go through most of my life as a girl this time. Nothing sexy about it, just who wouldn't want a shot have childhood again.. only better!

Another request, this one being  from Chase, and this tie he just said, "Do something with this. I can't think of a story." So it sat for while before I was thinking of an RP we did and poof here comes a caption kicking up.

More to come when I"m not passing out tired and unable to type a sentence in just one try.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A quick trade

One of the people I chat with semi often decided to ask me for a picture.. then slam a cap and go "your turn!" so.. thusly is the great caption trading begun.

ok.. by great I mean, has happened once, and just with this guy. Captain Shaman and I have sent several back and forth but at nothing even close to an equitable level...

This was my half, a little retelling of a slice of RP we did.

And this was his based entirely on the picture I sent him.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Remember when I did logs?

So  a crazy long log with my friend Milo. I think I drug it out too long in the middle, but I was haveing fun so don't judge me!

Anyhow..the gym..

Alice: She quickly packs up her gym bag ready for an afternoon work out.
Milo: "Hey- wait a sec. Are you already going to your gym? It's hardly late in the afternoon. What's in there anyways that I can't see?" I ask with my nosy curiosity.
Alice: hey.. you have your gym I have mine.. besides... with a name like Lilith’s Garden do you think you really qualify to get in?
Milo: "Oh come on! What is it all you women do in there? Do you all get together and do yoga? Or maybe support groups" That quickly went way to far and sounded way more chauvinist than I meant it to be. It was meant to be a completely honest question. "You have to tell me- no bring me! Please!" I asked, my own male hormones almost getting the best of me, I was a bit older, but still untouched by a woman probably the reason for bringing out this obsessive curiosity about the woman's only gym.
Alice: next your gonna say we all eat some chocolate ice cream and talk about boys... maybe we want to go someplace where we know men won't be leering at us..."
I don't mention the part about women leering at each other... or some of the things that go on in private exercise rooms... or the truly special nature of the place..
Milo: "Well- you know what I meant, but either way I still stand by on going, C'mon it will be fine, it's just the one time surely they won't mind. You never know, they might even love me!"
Alice: I let out a heavy sigh, "If I bring you with me... it's one time just so you can see the front rooms.. I'm not taking you into the locker rooms pervo... and you have to agree to whatever I feel is necessary for your trip, OK?"
Milo: "Oh please you have to let me go-" I said before even realizing you had agreed so quickly. "Wait- seriously! You will bring me!" A smile lit up on my face. "Oh you're the best Alice, thanks! Yes anything you say!"
Alice: I grin, "first to cool off those raging hormones a bit..." she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.. she doesn't make a big deal of being a witch.. but you've seen her casting spells before.
Milo: I blushed a bit, there was just something about it when she teased me like that, even in it's almost motherly-like sense. "Thank you thank you thank you." I was still loudly whispering. I imagined all the things that went on in there, it truly was so secretive, so I thought of all the beautiful women inside, the yoga pants...
Alice: I snap letting a small spark of energy enter your body, I knew you had a magical heritage..and I was using that inner energy you never tapped to reshape you... your body curves nicely using your own imagination of what you expected to see inside as the template for your transformation.
Milo: I soon felt my body reshaping and started to worry as I shrunk down ever so slightly... My muscularity faded away to make room for some curves as my ass pushed outwards, and my chest even more so. "W-whoa wait Alice.."
Alice: did you think I was gonna walk you in looking like that?"
Milo: I was thinking in my head 'well yeah' but was quickly distracted by more changes as my hair flowed down the sides of my shoulders leaving away for a dark haired shoulder length haircut, and more feminine curves showing from my body. I also gained a tad bit in age, almost a small fantasy of my own, but I hadn't yet noticed it was coming through.
Alice: I grin watching you, "well, they have strict rules about boys in the club, they don't even like boyfriends int he parking lot.."
Milo: I could feel my manhood starting to shrivel and shrink up into my body, and just as it finished- so had all the other feelings of changing. i couldn't speak a word, but just nodded.
Alice: I smile noting your imagination had even provided you workout clothes, "is this what you think goes on in there?" I giggle and let you see a mirror, "You look a little old.. but I think you could pass for an apprentice.."
Milo: I looked at the mirror in complete fascination. At first just moving one hand to watch myself in the mirror moving along, confirming my image... Then I looked down at my body lifting my hands towards my chest until you interrupted me as you watched along. I blushed a little looking back at you, not totally happy about this, but I still wanted to find out what h happened in there...
Alice: I watch you with quite a bit of appreciation in my eyes laughing when you control that hand, "come on cute bunns... work out time is a wasting.."
Milo: I smiled uneasily but then opened up again. "Alright lets go, you lead the way!"
Alice: are you that uptight about a little transformation... you know it was all your mind that did it...
Milo: "Yeah but... Well you didn't tell me or anything." I tried to justify it in the only way that I could, but really i was just embarrassed to admit it, I looked amazing, but I couldn't let you know that I was almost my own dream girl.
Alice: I lick my lips as I walk out to my car, "well you look great, just one more reason to li...lets get this over with.. I'm not sure transforming you gets around the no boys rule.."
Milo: "We'll be fine, there's absolutely no way they could tell like this- besides all I want to do is just see what goes on in there, no foul in that." I say as we drive over and get into the parking. "I guess I made it past the boyfriend stage."
Alice: I laugh at the comment, "a lot more like girlfriend at the moment.. not that they mind that in there.." I lead you up carrying a guest pass, "try not do anything dumb.."
Milo: "You got it." But if someone was watching they would already know something was up just from the way I walked, I never swayed my hips in that feminine way, but rather walked a little up tight and nervously.
Alice: I slide my pass, "Showing the new prentice around.." I give a smile to the receptionist who lets me walk right past with you as she watches your tush disappointed with how little jiggle your almost mannish way of walking gave it.
Milo: I just nodded casually and followed you lead, so far everything looked very normal from the entrance way, but surely there was more to come and see.
Alice: I start to show you around a little nervous as I walk you through what seems a normal gym.. there is a room with several windows with yoga going on.. and many women in a lot of shapes and sizes.. what I don't notice is how many stares are forming.. some using witch sight to look at you.
Milo: Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary to me, as I didn't catch on from all the stares, but I look on at all these woman- most all very beautiful. I was getting lost a bit in my own thoughts.
Alice: one of the women walks up to me pulling me aside for a moment as three move up to you. "hey there, Joining up?"
Milo: I smiled "Uh- well- yeah I am" I said in almost an unnaturally deep voice for my body without even realizing it. I was definitely becoming a bit nervous, but thought I was doing a good job not giving anything away.
Alice: They titter with laughter as you talk, "well.. since Ali is busy... want us to give you the Full tour?"
Milo: I tried to look your way, but you were too focused on talking with the other woman. So I smiled again and just went along with it. "I don't see why not, sure!"
Alice: They smile, "I'm Trixie.." the next one grabs your hand, "I'm Nixie!" the third gives your rear a little pinch, "I'm Amber.. come on!" they walk you down past several weight machines towards the locker room.
Milo: I was taken back by their friendliness, but their hands on touch really threw me off. As Nixie grabbed my hand I tensed up really tight never really having touched another woman, but Amber who pinched my ass really let me have it as I pushed out forward. "Heh, it's nice to meet you all... I'm-" Who was I? I couldn't think of a name immediately.
Alice: They grin, "cat got your tongue? Katie? Bridget?" they pause all standing in a row in front of you..
Milo: I was looking around at almost 7 other women.. "Uhm- Me-..." I paused again. "Melissa, nice to meet you all..."
Alice: "Hi Melissa!" They all giggle as they lead you to the locker room, "the anti magic barrier tingles a little, but we don't want any recording spells in the hot tub right!" Nixie and Trixie each hold a hand as they skip towards the door.
Milo: 'Recording spells' I thought to myself 'they were all witches, no wonder why it was all so secretive this whole time' Everything started to click into place, but I started to worry they might make me out if they haven't already. "Yeah that wouldn't be any good, don't want any guys snooping around I bet." I foolishly said.
Alice: oh boys would be able to even walk in the door.. well not without getting frogged that is..*they start to pull you through the door*
Milo: "Whoa- wait frogged!" I start to pull back and resist.
Alice: what.. last UPS guy who walked in here ignoring the signs is still croaking in the pond out back" They giggle, "whats wrong Lissy?"
Milo: "Uh- well- heh, it's nothing I guess." I wasn't sure if they were going to try and pull me through or not, and if they did what would happen.
Alice: *they are trying to pull you through, but you remember that they were talking about the front door*
Milo: I tried to hold back a little more, but it wasn't enough, I didn't have the strength I use to so I was slowly pulled through.
Alice: As you pass over the threshold to the locker room you feel the spell that transforms you starting to unravel.
Milo: I didn't know what was happening, but I could feel the magic around me shifting and changing 'Oh no this isn't good' was all I could think of in my mind.
Alice: They blink as your hands turn mannish..
Milo: I couldn't do anything to stop it, it was all happening so fast, and even if it were any slower I had hardly any practice to stop anything like this from happening. My feminine curves disappeared while my strong masculine muscles were growing back, my hair shortened and rapidly I was turning back to my normal self.
Alice: They gasp, "w..what... your not a girl at all!!"
Milo: As I finalized my turn back into a guy, I stood there speechless in front of the group of women. I was definitely in for it...
Alice: A woman comes out of the locker room, a little pudgy, but full of life... she sees you and stops, "what exactly is a man doing in my club?"
Milo: I couldn't say a word I was so scared, I was even shaking. For all I knew I could have been the only guy ever to have gotten in so far, that poor UPS guy never made it through the door and has since been a frog. "I- I am so sorry..."
Alice: She looks you up and down, "well, how did you get in.. I noticed that your not green and catching flys." She stalks around you, "I smell.. magic on you.. mixed up... masculine and feminine..."
Milo: I looked down towards the floor ashamed. "I- I came in as a woman..." There was something about this woman, she was so- so powerful, there was some aura around her.
Alice: oh.. a counter transformation... very sneaky.." She smiles looking you over appreciatively for a moment.
Milo: I looked up her body slowly, admiring her curves a bit before looking up to meet her eyes, and then immediately I shied away looking back down...
Alice: "but, this insult to Lilith’s garden can't be ignored... who assisted you?"
Milo: I didn't want to say, I had to protect Alice. "N-no one... It was all just me, I swear it."
Alice: Amber pinches your now harder tush, "Alice brought her in miss Lilith"
Milo: I squeezed up real tight as Amber pinched me and shut my eyes hoping that Alice wouldn't have been brought into this mess. It was quickly turning out badly and there was no escape for me as the other 10 woman stood behind.
Alice: The woman alice had been talking to was marching her towards you, "And you lied.. just when I was starting to like yo a little bit.."
Milo: I was stuck, I had no idea what to say while I was completely surrounded by only women. Everyone in the building had bunched around me since something like this must have never happened before.
Alice: Lilltih touches you and gasps, "A magical legacy.. in a man... this.. is..." she turns and glares at Alice, "They are supposed to be reported instantly... y..you have feeling for this one.." She turns a cold gaze back at you. "Normally we would take someone like you and bury them in sex...."
Milo: "Bury them in.." I didn't know if this was a good or bad thing, but I was almost liking being captured at this moment.... Never having minded the rest of what was going on.
Alice: but.. we'll find a way to get that magic out of you some other way.." She grins wickedly" I know... Stall three needs a replacement..."
Milo: I wasn't sure what to make of it, or what she was talking about, just the thought of sex had lingered in my mind, I had longed for it for ages now... "Hm?" I tried to ask and keep up.
Alice: She takes your hand, "come with me.." she starts to lead you towards the locker room, Alice struggles, "No... I was saving him.... he's mine!!" She blushes as Lilith simply tugs you along.
Milo: I was looking back at Alice now worried and confused. "What's going on, can you at least tell me that?"
Alice: Oh my... you didn't know... " Lilith guides you into back of the locker rooms where they split into a space for showers, hot tubs, and toilets, "You have a magic legacy Lissa...and a witch can gain enormous power from sleeping with someone with a magical legacy.. something about power in the seed... letting you mature this long.. she must have wanted a child... oh well.. it's a shame your legacy ends here..*she stops in front of stall number three, a pair of brass pipes extends from the floor but that’s all.
Milo: "She must have wanted a child... You meant she must have wanted to sleep with me?" I was trying to process that in my head. "Wait- you said my... What do you mean by that?"
Alice: She snaps as a gold plate appears on the door, it simply reads 'Melissa 100%' as you look down the line many of the other stalls have similar plates each showing a name and percentage. She pushes you into the stall to stand over the pipes as she with a wave of her hand removes your clothing.
Milo: As I was pushed back into the stall I was quickly becoming aroused being bossed around by this woman... Suddenly with another wave of her hand all my clothes were gone and I tried desperately to cover my erection as this was the first time I had ever been nude in front of another lady.
Alice: "Sleep with you.. she's probably wanted to jump your bones for years...too bad for you she has such self control." she reaches out and touches the tip of your member brushing your hands aside easily. "Such a healthy organ... "She smiles as the piping n the floor animates growing longer...
Milo: I couldn't help but moan sexually as she touched me so intimately. She wasn't perfect herself, but for now she was my goddess and I was madly in love as she just barely teased my member.
Alice: She pauses, "oh.. I see your desire for me.. overcoming your normal preference for ones holding less... weight...." she laughs, "I can have any appearance I like.. I like being a proper Venus." she pulls her hand away with a little squeeze in time for the copper pipe to slip around it.
Milo: I was almost lost in a daydream with her when suddenly the very cold pipe slipped over my penis making me jump up and yelp.
Alice: there is a slight chill as it merges with you pulling you downward by the member.
Milo: It pulled me down hard, yanking me down to my knees as I looked right into my Venus’s large belly stretching her shirt. I immediately grabbed at the pipe with my hands struggling to pull it away in desperation.
Alice: Your hands merge turning white as you body settles on your knees, your legs starting to turn white and expand.
Milo: "O- oh my god! No please don't do this to me!" I still didn't know exactly what was happening to me, but this was unlike any magic that I had ever felt like I did with Alice as I was still standing a bit tall on my knees.
Alice: you feel a cold intrusion in your tush... the water inlet pipe moving up into you.. merging with you.. pulling you the rest of the way to the floor.
Milo: I almost screamed as I felt the cold pipe enter my ass- this one much larger than the first and actually going into me instead of the other way around. It was freezing cold and pulled me to the floor no matter how hard I struggled, now with my cheeks hitting the cold tile. Tears were welling up in my eyes as I looked up towards your now towering large figure.
Alice: You feel your mouth opening.. and drying... your body getting solid... your eyes locking upwards....she smiles nudging you with a foot as you hear a click from your own flesh, "Just about finished up..."
Milo: There was something so erotic and sexy feeling her toes just tap against my hardened skin. I tried to rise up but I was unable to move in the slightest bit, only feeling my own weight pin me down to the floor.
Alice: She smiles, "there.. that does it.." She turns dropping her sweat pants and panties as she sits.. it feels like your whole mouth is kissing her.
Milo: I watched in complete fascination and lust as she turned around showing off her ass... This was my favorite pose on a woman and she had such a large ass making it all that much better, then she pulled down her pants and I was looking right at her ass and pussy! I had never been so lucky in my life except that I was now kissing her whole backside...
Alice: She wiggles a bit on your seat your sight blocked out by the massive ass.. you realize you have a toilet bowls view of the world as you see a yellow stream flowing into your .... something... as you start to taste it...
Milo: I was little kissing her ass and had dreamed of something like this with a woman before, but it didn't last long until I started to taste her fowl urine filling my mouth. In my mind I was coughing and gagging- but none of my body reacted other than my taste buds picking up the flavor.
Alice: You may have noticed... you've become a toilet... in fact. most of the toilets here used to be people..but you are the first man to ever be installed here... and no one will ever know.."she wiggles a bit more as you hear plops into your water.
Milo: 'A toilet! I've becoming a toilet! I was the only man- was that suppose to somehow make me feel all that much more special'- but then her shit filled my bowl mouth interrupted my thoughts. Still kissing her ass- but now with the worst taste I couldn't get past.
Alice: She wipes and stands, "and you'll stay here.. until your humanity is worn away.. when you think of yourself as nothing but a toilet, I'll replace you after draining out that lovely magic essence of yours.." She reaches over and grasps your flush handle.. as she turns it you feel a rush as your body empty in the most intense orgasm of your entire life.
Milo: I was looking up at her ass now through the yellow tinted water as she stood... I was still so turned on by her ass, but conflicted by the awfulness of everything in my mouth. 'There's no way I would stay here until my humanity was worn away' I thought to myself 'it can't be possible can it, I don't want to be a toilet! What did she mean by she'd drain all my mag-' and then suddenly my world erupted as I started to swallow all her waste whole and the most intensely sexual orgasm washed over me as clean water filled my bowl.
Alice: she looks at the door as she starts to leave, "99.9 percent... wonder how long you'll hang on.." She closes the door, "now.. to deal with your partner in crime.."
Milo: 'No- no don't leave me here I don't want to be a toilet I can't be a fucking toilet!'
Alice: The stall door closes.. you can see a roll of paper on the wall beside you...the ceiling past the stall walls.... you're a toilet... a fucking toilet...
Milo: Attention was taken away from Melissa, and now turned towards the person who betrayed the whole gym, Alice. The head witch approached the younger female who had made this whole ordeal possible. "So now that your would be boyfriend has been dealt with, what remains to be done with you. Have you anything to say?"
Alice: technically he was a she when she came in... so I didn't really violate the rules....
Milo: "Oh are you going to play smart with me now Missy? I dare you to try if you even had known what happened to your precious find. You knew, everyone here knows that bringing a man into this establishment is one of the worst crimes a witch can commit! So much that no other has even tried."
Alice: *she blushes* he.. could have been a good apprentice....
Milo: "You know I would leave you to the same fate he's suffered, except all the stall's have been filled, besides there isn't even enough magic within you to extract to even make it worth while. He held so much power, and I'm so glad you brought him to me, but rules are rules and it cannot go unpunished. So that leads me to think, what shall I do with you, hmm?"
Alice: she gasps insulted by the statement knowing she's fully as powerful as half the witches here, "umm... kick me out of the club?"
Milo: The head witch laughs, as do all the others who watch intently. "Really? That's the best you've got?"
Alice: She blushes, "umm.. I'll be your maid for a year?"
Milo: "Oh please give me a break! I'm tired of dealing with your arrogance, maybe you really do deserve the worse, and I could certainly use more power... Hmm, now that I think about it, stall number 1 is almost complete, we can move her out early and find you a new home. How would you like that? You know what our bathroom has to go through.."
Alice: please no... not that... " She struggles against the witches holding her.
Milo: "Oh yes, I think she likes the idea doesn't she!" All the other witches laugh and nod in approval. "You betrayed all your sisters and now you get to pay the price. But there's an upside, while you aren't directly next to your boyfriend, you'll spend the rest of your lives together won't you? Haha!"
Alice: She spins punching one witch who was holding her and with a bit of magic jumping over the rest as she starts to make a run for the door.
Milo: It would have been almost too easy had you escaped, but the magical barrier pulled you to a complete stop freezing you within the door frame. "Oh my, you certainly put up a whole lot more of a fight than your little man, I'm really going to enjoy using you!" She says signaling to the other witches to grab hold over you. "Bring her to the stalls, now, and lets get rid of this apostate once and for all."
Alice: She struggles against them, shrinking one lesser witch into a cockroach as the others start to feel it dangerous to touch her..
Milo: The head witch unmoved by your powers still approaches. "I've had enough!" She yells putting he hand over Alice's forehead, weakening the struggling witch considerably."
Alice: *she groans feeling the spell of bondage take her... knowing she'll have a chance to break it... but only once she's obeyed three orders*
Milo: Meanwhile all the witches take hold over Alice and start to drag her towards the lock room, towards her destined fate now as a toilet. They pull her along mostly with easy as they approach the stalls.
Alice: struggles weakly surprised that Lilith is making her walk to her own doom... "please... not.. this..."
Milo: "Silence! You chose your fate the moment you walked that man in here, if I had known any better perhaps you envied the women in those stalls, is that it?"
Alice: n..no!!" She shuddered" I've used them.. I know the despair at feeling your humanity slipping.."
Milo: "Oh yes, it's delicious isn't it, I can see in your eyes you must have been longing for this!" Everyone moved in towards the stalls holding you tightly as the head witch used her magic to rip out the current inhabitant, who still had 13.6% left in the tank.
Alice: But.. Tina is still human enough to bounce back... wouldn't that be.. unprofessional?
Milo: "I couldn't care less now that you're going to take her place, someone so much more deserving of a toilet's life." She waves her hands removing your clothing in one quick sweep, and pushes you back into the stall.
Alice: gasps as she bounces off the wall running at the door trying to get past Lilith
Milo: But Lilith holds out her hand, as you try to run right into it, pressing your breasts into it, she bounces back and pushes you down towards the follow where the pipes were already hanging out ready to catch their newest member.
Alice: shudders ducking trying to dive under her legs, "noooo!"
Milo: As you're bent over one pipe aims right towards your tush and forcefully enters, Making your eyes shoot wide open, before you are even able to react, it pulls you back into the stall...
Alice: She gasps looking at at the assembled witches as she feels pipe go into her.. trying to do any kind of counter spell.
Milo: But your magic was no rival to the power Lilith held as the pipe turned you back on your feet only to allow a smaller pipe to aim right towards your open womanhood.
Alice: groans looking at the arrogant Lilith... panting with effort knowing when that last pipe hits home... She tries one last desperate spell.. one to swap bodies with one of weaker witches..a short plump girl in the back of the pack.
Milo: The cold copper pipe teased your sex before entering right as your spell might have had the chance to make the swap almost unnoticed.
Alice: Desperately throws the little spell hoping the shock from Pamela will be covered by the shock they expect to see when the pipe rams up her sex.
Milo: Suddenly the whole locker-room was filled with a powerful and loud scream that was just music to Lilith's ears.
Alice: She shudders her new plump body feeling wimpy and desperately in need to going to this gym..she watches her old body start to turn white as she backs out of the pack..
Milo: Meanwhile none of the witches who eagerly watched on as the poor Pamela, now in Alice's body shrunk down and turned into a beautiful white porcelain toilet. Of which Lilith was absolutely pleased to see and think that she had eradicated the traitor of a witch.
Alice: she breaths a sigh of relief as she moves into Melissa’s stall and sits collecting herself.. her new body shivers and shakes at the close call...
Alice: She relieves herself unknowing into her friend.
Milo: I couldn't tell what had happened to my mentor and teacher from all the commotion that was taking place nearby, but then as this other larger witch sat on me much like earlier. I was kissing her whole ass as she relieved herself into me, not even acknowledging who I once was making me feel all that much more awful about my current state.
Alice: She squirms a bit uncomfortable.. as if just getting used to being this size.. muttering under her breath such that you doubt any but you heard.. 'OK alice.. just.. keep it together.. and you can get away... never come back..'
Milo: 'Alice... it was Alice!' I was screaming at the top of my- would be lungs but nothing could have caught her attention 'Alice please, it's me, it's Milo come help me please!' but it was no use as she couldn't hear me... Her taste was even worse than my first go around, but I tried to maintain focus, it was my last hope to get out of this predicament.
Alice: *she finishes relieving herself with two wet plops as she wipes* who was Melissa...
Milo: 'It's me, it's me please! Don't leave me here Alice- Don't leave me like this!' Meanwhile in over in stall number one, Lilith hadn't need to use the toilet so she just simply shut the door knowing that it was finally over. However the name plate hadn't written Alice's name, but instead Pamela, none of the witches noticed this mistake.... Yet..
Alice: *gasps seeing it, but quickly gathers Pamela's things and starts to head for her car*
Milo: I tried to cry and scream out one last time, but it proved pointless as Alice hadn't even acknowledged me anymore... Lilith nearby was just about to leave and wanted to admire her work when she saw the name plate with Pamela's name. "No... She couldn't have!"
Alice: She moves out there the gym heading for the exit door walking with the bustle she remembers Pamela using.
Milo: Lilith furiously searched around looking for Pamela with her nowhere in sight... She must had made her way outside, quickly Lilith run's to the front of the gym only to catch Pamela heading towards the door. "Stop right there Alice!"
Alice: her feet lock to the floor forced to obey the command... one of three from the bondage spell, her body jiggles in place at the sudden stop.
Milo: "This is the last time you will ever get the best of me!"
Alice: She blushes, "can we just call getting tubby like this punishment after the reward for being clever?"
Milo: Lilith smirks. "Hah- I do actually kind of like your style if I had to say so myself..."
Alice: She smiles hopefully..
Milo: "But alas, such is not meant to be, you've already crossed me twice, and I cannot let my reputation take such a hit."
Alice: She shudders, knowing that Pamela wasn't coming back.. one the first ounce of humanity faded.. the spell locked you there till it completed..., "but.. they saw a traitor punished..."
Milo: "So what is it you are suggesting then?"
Alice: j..just put up a new nameplate... I can be your new apprentice.. or never seen again if you prefer... no one needs to know.." She tries not to focus on you yelling alice across the gym.
Milo: Lilith needed a moment to think to herself on what to do in this case. Pamela through her own weakness lost her body to a more skilled witch as she was sealed into the stall...
Alice: Alice can't move anyway.. the order keeping her locked there as she watches the senior witch mull it through.
Milo: "You know, the body you have now does kind of fit you." Lilith begins to circle around you as you were stuck facing one direction. "You really do belong in a gym like this." She teases and she touches your large muffin top.
Alice: She blushes as you circle teasing her plump belly, "I..I'll get it worked down..."
Milo: Lilith grabs your tush. "Hah- I don't know there's so much work to be done, maybe not..."
Alice: She moans as you grab and squeeze her tush, "ooo.. I...didn't know this body was soo.. sensitive..." she blushes at the pleasurable sensations her fatty ass is giving her.
Milo: "What about your little boy, didn't you care about him at all?"
Alice: I..I didn't see his name back there...and I do care... but.. once your plumbed.. you never get out.. right?
Milo: "That's right! You know that he barely put up a fight, didn't even know what was happening to him as I teased his cock?"
Alice: She blushed, "poor Milo was a virgin... I was waiting till his next birthday.. I was gonna ask him to marry me.. to spend our lives together..
Milo: "Milo? That was his name- Ah, he was cute too, had you come forward to me I might have even let him stay with you... But now he's locked away as a toilet..."
Alice: you were pulling him back there before I even knew he was caught. you were gonna plumb him like it or not to steal his magic legacy..
Milo: "Hah- you're right... What a lucky guy though, having never seen a woman on his own and getting broken in by the head witch! Have to give credit, where credit is due..."
Alice: hardly lucky... only thing he would have liked worse than your tush is my current one... he loved them bubbly, but tight....
Alice: the pudgy witch struggles a bit her legs locked into place by the command of Lilith.. She smiles, as it seems that Lilith is thinking of letting her go, impressed by her cleverness at the last moment.
Milo: Lilith meanwhile had other plans, maybe others never knew it before, but she certainly enjoyed a bit of a power trip and trapping her prey. Here Alice thought she was getting away. all the better she thinks so for when the real punishment comes- she might least expect it. "So, Alice dear, how about you tell me a little about my body? What do you think of my lovely thighs or my meaty butt?"
Alice: She blushes at the questions, "honestly, I think your body is extremely sexy. Your meaty butt as you call it is perfectly rounded.. it begs for squeezing."
Milo: "Oh! You really think so? Why don't you go ahead then and show me what exactly you mean by that..."
Alice: She reaches forward tentatively and grabs hold of that rear.. and gives it a healthy squeeze*
Milo: Lilith bends down forwards, giving you a very good look at her amazing tush through a pair of beautifully tight black yoga pants. "You really like that don't ya? Maybe you can assist me with my workout?"
Alice: She smiles appreciatively at that rear, "Oh how can I help?"
Milo: As you were leaning down and admiring my firm round butt, Lilith turned her and and grabbed you pulled you right into her ass making. "I need some extra padding down here for my workout."
Alice: She gave nothing but a little yelp as she was transformed from fat witch.. to fat ass.. her only response after that was a little jiggle behind the club owner.
Milo: Lilith stretched out pushing you back into the fabric of the yoga pants and admired her new look by padding you on the side. "Oh yes! Lets get going shall we! It will be so much fun" She adds while making her way towards the elliptical machine.
Alice: She shuddered and jiggled in those pants trapped for the moment unable to do anything but sway behind the witch as she moved to a work out machine. She pondered if this wouldn't help her loose a little of the weight she had gained from Pamela..
Milo: Lilith went to her favorite machine, all the other witches knew better than to touch it and change any of her settings, or else they may get something more than they bargained for just as Alice was. She started to peddle on the machine, making you more and more dizzy and you scrunched up and down.
Alice: She groaned in her head as she was mushed up and stretched out over and over and over again.. miles went by as this witch just wouldn't stop, she couldn't even think of countering this magic while she was being abused like this..
Milo: To make matters even worse on your end was that constant buildup of a sweaty workout as her new tush, the scent became so strong it was undeniable- maybe even to some extent growing on you.
Alice: *she shuddered from the smell of sweaty ass... her smell now..mixed with a tiny bit of her hosts arousal she squirmed as she could soaking the yoga pants in her sweaty smell.
Milo: To you it must have felt like hours of possible torment/pleasure, but back in reality Lilith had only just completed 15 minutes of her workout, only about half way through the program as the marching went on.
Alice: As the eternity grinds on she finds herself taking a certain amount of pleasure in the mushing and stretching.. the burning sensation beneath her fat.. the sweat smell that surrounded her..
Milo: Some of your humanity surely slipped away lost in the endless sea of Lilith's sweat and beauty that stretched and compressed you repeatedly, but like all great things they eventually came to an end as she picked up a towel to wipe down her face and stepped off. "Oh that was just perfect Alice thank you so much!"
Alice: She jiggled weakly in response truly feeling the burn from the marathon of running that must have surely gone past..
Milo: Soon something familiar hit you, it was magic that began to warp your body, except this time back to your original self. Only now you were worked out very good yourself, exhausted and soaked with sweat.
Alice: She pants in place feeling like she had just run up and down a mountain sweating like it to. She looked down at herself.. for that much work.. surely some of this extra weight had been lost..
Milo: "Now now... What shall I do with you, that wasn't nearly enough for any of the crimes you've committed."
Alice: she pants, "but... I thought" She groans pulling herself to a full standing position the compulsion to stay in place gone.. but unable to make a proper run for it.. tubby and exhausted.. and no thinner than when she started.
Milo: "You thought what exactly dear? That I was done with you? Hah! You are just so pathetic, I admire your quick thinking, but there isn't much brilliance that goes on behind that in that skull of yours."
Alice: She groans, "So.. what.. you take the benefits of working out for a day.. and leave me with all the sweat and tiredness.. then you want to do it again?"
Milo: "Maybe I should take back what I said about that brain of yours... But well I want something more? What do you think that might be... I could turn you into my personal little tampon now, or maybe take you out on a date as a condom."
Alice: "oh gods no.... please.." she shudders imagine either of those fates, "please.. I'll be your slave for a month.."
Milo: "Oh something tells me that you like it! Just a month? I'm thinking you'll really enjoy the condom one, especially since you left your friend untouched for so long surely you must have been craving a bit of dick."
Alice: *she groans and tries to summon up something of an anti magic shell, "was never that fond of dicks to begin with miss Lilith.."
Milo: "Oh it's not only that, for me it's also that lovely look on a girl's pretty face when she feels the plastic encasing her, shrinking her down into that square little package." Lilith prepares her spell by pointing her finger right at you.
Alice: She takes a hesitant step back and prepares to turn her shield into a spell mirror the moment that Lilith casts.."please don't..it was bad enough spending a day as your butt.."
Milo: Nothing would have wiped that evil grin from Lilith's face as the magical energy surged from her finger pointed towards Alice.
Alice: She gulped and made a mirror of her magic shield hoping to send the spell hurtling right back into Lilith’s face, or at least deflect it to someone else.
Milo: At first the magic bounces around your body, forming almost a cocoon all over, but for now the spell had no effect at all upon your body.
Alice: She blinks as the shield holds while she tries to disarm the magic that is battering on her.
Milo: Lilith's smirk disappeared as a look of both surprise and shock washed over her. "How can it be, what magic is this!"
Alice: *she pushes pressing Lilith’s spell back at her, "just a little something I've been working on in my spare time.."
Milo: Lilith is trying to cover up the magic and fight back against it, but she wasn't as much fighting you power rather than her own.
Alice: She smiled feeling an advantage for once as Lilith’s power simply fed into itself making her fight herself more and more, She then tries to slip a little spell of her own past.. nothing big.. just one that would result in the head witch having a craving to join the toilets in her own bathroom.
Milo: Lilith struggled with the magic, but quickly thinking on her feet she decided it was best to dodge the spell and move to the side as it deflected into the room.
Alice: *gasps as her spell lanced right past Lilith, "dammit!"
Milo: "I'm getting so tired of your antics Alice! This next change I'm going to have to do to you will be the last!"
Alice: we didn’t have to fight.. you started this!" She saw her spell bounce off the mirrors in the back and tries to redirect that beam of energy into Lilith’s back.
Milo: "I started this! You were the one to bring in that fool of a young man, one who wielded the power of magic into our coven!"
Alice: you could have stopped this at any time!" She watches hoping that needle thin lance of magic gets her..
Milo: "And it would have never started if it weren't for your foolishness!"
Alice: who is more fooling.. the one who starts.. or the one who refuses to end...
Milo: "The one that won't learn her new place in life of course."
Alice: I guess I've never been good about just surrendering." She groans and tries to use a spell to drain Lilith into her tush since it seemed that her mind bolt did nothing.
Milo: But your magic was no match for taking down the head witch, Lilith was known as such for a good reason as she pulled Alice aside by the ear. "I'm really truly fed up with your childish acts, time to put that body of yours to go use in our bathroom!"
Alice: She gasps as Lilith comes out of no where as she looks to see who she was even having a spell fight with, "what?! no!!"
Milo: "You'll get to share the fate of the love of your life, but you sure won't see each other again! Haha"
Milo: Soon you were pulled through the first magical barrier back through the entrance of the gym, then in towards the locker room through the second.
Alice: She groans trying anything to break the grip of the witch that simply manhandles her in here.. "how like a man to throw your weight around..."
Milo: As soon as the two of you passed the second barrier you were able to slip free through your tremendous struggle. Yet not before you were able to get away too far Lilith shouts out "freeze!" Your second order stopping you in place once again.
Alice: *she stops in mid step, command holding her motionless her body jiggling again*
Milo: This was already a very intense fight between two witches, Lilith had to act quickly and think how to stop Alice from performing any more tricks so that she could seal her fate away. But Alice somehow always found a way to fight back and this unnerved Lilith.
Alice: *shudders frozen for the moment as alice kept testing the command.. trying to feel out when it would end..worrying that this close to the toilets.. this stuck in place.. and with an order left to give.. she may be running out of luck..
Milo: The head witch nodes as if something is striking her oddly, perhaps it could have been the command you recited, or nothing at all and not knowing worried you even more.
Alice: She shivered not even able to look back at the witch.. her fat body feeling even weaker when not in motion.. she twitches her fingers feeling the command starting to wear off.
Milo: The undying spirit in Alice always fought back against all odds, further infuriating Lilith to the point that it potentially weakened her and her own spell casting. She starts to pull on you once more, but now you were able to fight back stronger.
Alice: She shoves Lilith for the stalls as her paralysis lifts throwing a glamor up that should dazzle her and make everyone in the club look like Pamela..for a few minutes at least..
Milo: Lilith was shaken and temporarily disoriented as she bounced off the stall doors. Then upon looking back up she found Alice- or so she thought until there was another Pamela in the background, and another... "Clever, clever girl.."
Alice: *moves into a group of Pamelas heading for the door*
Milo: Lilith was prepared to make any sacrifices necessary to stop Alice, she would have gone through every single Pamela here if that's what it took! "Where is she!" She shouts at everyone trying to keep an eye out for any who made a move away towards the door.
Alice: Four Pamelas are right at the doorway out looking confused.
Milo: Lilith activates a barrier at the room exit, anyone who would have tried to slip through and escape would have been caught and stopped. Eventually she would find Alice now that everyone was stuck in the room with her.
Alice: One of the Pamelas speaks, "Are you OK.. you seem kinda... crazy...."
Milo: Lilith snaps her fingers and in front of all the witches where the Pamela in question once stood, now lay a bra. "Anyone else want to ask me if I'm in the right frame of mind? Because I assure I am certain NOT! Do not test my patience, now where is Alice!"
Alice: umm.. alice is a toilet....
Milo: Another snap of a finger and there now was a matching pair of panties to join the bra. "Find her for me now or join this lovely new collection I'm building very quickly!"
Alice: *all the Pamelas in the locker room look around nervously.. one speaks, "She's gone nuts.. stop her!" and with that.. a half dozen witches all lay into Lilith.
Milo: Soon the head witch was swamped by her own coven, unable to take on absolutely everyone, but there were only 8, and not 8 of the best by any means. Trying to use any magic left at her disposal more items appeared as the number of Pamela's shrank.
Alice: Witches vanished left and right as Alice watched from behind a veil of invisibility..they were not the best.. but... even poor witches could drain an already strained witch.. her voice emerged from one of the milling crowd indistinct at to who it might be."mind blasts!!" as the survivors try to pile on enough mental spells to break Lilith.
Milo: Lilith’s eyes opened recognizing that it was Alice calling the shots against her as she fought her entire coven. Only 4 had remained, but they were quickly banding and working together against the one head witch.
Alice: Two of the witches played defense and two offense using magic trying simply to drain Lilith’s away.. then as one of the defenders gets tired.. one of the ones throwing magical spells starts shielding, and the other goes to casting.. petrification.. mana drains, suggestions.. all thrown hoping something gets through.
Milo: It was an uphill battle as an already exhaust Lilith struggled to keep the last 4 at bay while she had to take down Alice once and for all. She had to fall back behind some cover to best her sisters as they came around to get her.
Alice: Alice smiles using small bits of magic as you fall back...the pipes emerging from the floor behind Lilith..
Milo: But you suffered an unfortunate amateur mistake of not removing any of Lilith's clothing therefore nothing could have happened to the head witch as she took cover and the others went on the offense to catch her. Moments later two more of the witches vanished and all that were left behind were you and one other Pamela.
Alice: She grimaced seeing her army down to two..as they held shields as alice tries to strip your yoga pants from hiding..
Milo: The one other witch's shielding was no match for Lilith's attack as she too disappeared into a pile of Lacey fabric and it was down to the two of you one last time.
Alice: As you zap the last witch she throws everything into a suggestion spell, one that would direct you to pull off your pants.. and sits on the pipes to join the plumbing
Milo: This time you were somehow miraculously successful, as the spell hits Lilith in her weakened state, she started to pull at her yoga pants to the side. "No- no- oh yes!" she put up a real strong fight before managing to call out the 3rd and final command "Alice you get here right now!"
Alice: She walks up to you in your bent over pants pulled aside stat.. and pushes you..
Milo: The pipes had pushed into Lilith as she screamed out herself in shock. But while that happened you had let your guard down as Lilith casts two final last second spells... The first of which taking away all your clothing and the second to bring you into the stall along with her.
Alice: She yelps in shock as her pudgy body is pulled up against yours*
Milo: You're turned around as Lilith buries her face right into your tush- becoming the piping herself as she starts to enter you from behind.
Alice: She groans as Lilith buries face in her tush trying to jump forward in time to avoid being linked given ghat the pipes already have a target.
Milo: But it had already become too late as the both of you were now becoming the toilet, more specifically with Lilith as the plumbing to connect you with the pipes. Her face wedged up into your tush and pulled back on you, it was so powerful that you couldn't even stay standing as you feel backwards into the stall.
Alice: She moans at the feeling up her rear as she turns and focuses on the Lilith pipe.. trying to shatter it with a desperate spell..
Milo: You could have tried, but the feelings of being sucked down into your new position made you worry sick and fumble your magic. With each and every second counting you were quickly loosing this battle and winning was almost no longer in sight.
Alice: she closes her eyes.. blocking out everything.. planning to leave Lilith behind... and casts a short range teleport spell..
Milo: Your magic fought against the magic that held Lilith to you, but the pipe was such a powerful spell and already rooted so deep within you that there was almost no chance you could find any way around it.
Alice: She shudders feeling the resistance...and forces her plump fat all around that spell trying to get it to lock onto it.. while she teleported safely way.. just six feet was all she needed..
Milo: But the pipping Lilith wasn't done yet as it swiftly moved forward to pick you up yet again.
Alice: she gasps staggering back all the way to the opposite wall, "why can't you turn into a toilet like a good evil witch queen!"
Milo: The spell wouldn't have been complete without you, and that was why the pipping, not Lilith went to no end in order to trap you back down.
Alice: She looks around.. and snaps turning one of the witches who charged Lilith back from being a thong... in the path of the pipe...
Milo: The witch momentarily looks relieved as she's turned back, but when met with with pipe the expression on her face changed entirely as she was pulled back to the stall.
Alice: lets out a sigh of relief and sinks down watching Lilith get her.. but.. holding a shield steady in case of mind swap attempts.
Milo: The poor witch stood no chance as she disappeared into the stall.
Alice: She watches and finally relaxes sinking her slightly less pudgy butt down against the floor.
Milo: It felt like the whole ordeal was now over, you had bested the head witch and the entire coven while you were at it, but you lost Milo in the process as you lay exhausted over the floor.
Alice: She stays sitting in the stall she staggered into after that. She doesn't even know what stall Milo is stuck in.. Lilith stuck a fake name on it...
Milo: But of the three stalls you could have taken a guess after knowing Pamela was one, and Lilith along with Amber were the newest... Melissa however you couldn't recognize.
Alice: *she walks over and looks at the sign.. the measure of.. Melisa..
Milo: You had beaten Lilith and thought if you should have left right away or tried to have done something to find Milo
Alice: She sits down on the Melissa toilet, "this one has got to be you..." She closes her eyes.. gathering her power.. ready to teleport away.
Milo: But there was something lingering around in the room leaving you trapped inside, when you had attempted to teleport away- you couldn't as there was a magical barrier barring you from ever leaving.
Alice: she blinks... "Oh gods... Lilith. you bitch......." she rubs her stomach... "I don't want to starve to death in a damn bathroom..."
Milo: You had thought maybe if you had tried to leave on foot you could maybe force your way through.
Alice: She moves over to the door.. and starts to push against the barrier...
Milo: But just as you had tried to escape, the magical barrier held you in place trapping you, leaving you vulnerable and open to attack. This is when Lilith used her mind swap spell just at the perfect moment when you weren't ready to stop it.
Alice: she gasps feeling the spell taking hold.. unable to stop it.. she tries to find any other body to end up in.. than the pipe...
Milo: But Lilith was strong, and not just any ordinary witch as you already knew. Soon you could hear her voice in your head- taking over slowly as you began to fade out.
Alice: She struggles.. and found herself on the floor as a pair of lacy panties
Milo: Lilith takes hold over the body.. "That was a close one wasn't it, but now I finally got your ass Alice! How do you like that now bitch as a pipe!" She shouted unknowing of the other mind swap transfer that took place.
Alice: She watches from the floor.. amazed that Lilith didn't catch that in her crazy struggle... knowing she was helpless right now. She twitches slightly on the floor knowing it will take time.. she has to hope that Lilith will forgive the witches she tricked into acting as her army..
Milo: Lilith knew better than to leave now and had to be absolutely sure she was done with Alice as she walked towards the stall to see her name... But instead of Alice's name it read Nixie... "Fuck" she whispers under her breathe trying to think of what happened to Nixie...
Alice: she shudders again.. feeling the doom counter ticking as she tried desperately like all the other clothing on the floor to draw in a bit of mana...the mental image of Nixie's bubble butt and huge breasts flashed through my mind..
Milo: Lilith looked around at the scattered clothing all over the floor thinking how best to identify Alice when suddenly it click. She didn't even have to turn her back, just seek through each article of clothing for the strongest magic trail. She began with the bra and slowly made her way around approaching your body.
Alice: she sees you searching the clothing terrified... she then tries to expel her gathered mana to muddy up the traces..
Milo: But the sudden shift in magical energy caught Lilith's eye. "There you are!" She shouts as she picks you up. "I've got you for sure now don't I!" She adds while laughing heavily making her way to the first stall.
Alice: She whimpers manaless.. helpless.. panties in the witches hands.. she sees Milo’s stall as Lilith walks past..
Milo: She opens the first stall and hold's you over the toilet. "Now I'm really done with you" She says as she drops you, the hopeless pair of lacy panties right into the toilet bowl
Alice: She groans soaking up the cold water.
Milo: Soon you felt magic swirling around you body... You thought this was it until for a moment you could see your humanity restoring just long enough before Lilith pulls the lever and flushes the toilet with you still inside.
Alice: She gasps for breath praying not to drown in the water.. wishing it.. "please... I beg.. anything..."
Milo: You were swirling around, your feet even being sucked and pulled into the drain- but also merging into the side of the bowl, becoming one with it like you were meant to be.
Alice: *she groans feeling her spirit pulled in.. displacing Pamela...
Milo: Your breasts and whole body were rubbing up against the porcelain roughly until it finally got stuck into place, where you quickly sunk into the white brittle ceramic. Soon sensations started to take over making it feel good as the water flowed through your body.
Alice: She groaned at the feelings of water flowing up her ass... feeling her. entirely..
Milo: You were screaming out in pleasure and unable to hold it back, just except for the fact you made no noises except for the water gurgling as your changes finalized you into your toilet prison.
Alice: She mentally cried out as her spirit locked into place... looking up at her old body’s fat naked self...
Milo: Pamela jumped out off of you, relieved she no longer had your position while Lilith couldn't help but laugh as she saw Alice's name plate finally appear. The head witch was victorious!
Alice: She whimpered seeing that name plate.. water filling her up to bursting... groaning with it filling her ass and insides...she looked out at the witches that had captured her.. the number..100 percent...
Milo: Lilith says "I hope you last a very long time, I would hate for you to lose your mind so soon, you deserve this and so much worse if it were possible. Just known that we beat you, and you lost!"
Alice: She shivered slightly.. knowing no magics that she could cast... just waiting to be used... and someday.. used up...
Alice: For the moment unable to accept that her fate would be here...
Milo: ...Just like others before her, and yet always the same outcome.
Milo: Pamela needed to use her, to break her in. And how fitting since she was the biggest and largest witch here, no one was more disgusting than her as she took her seat over Alice.
Alice: She groaned seeing the big fat witch move over her... no.. that fat sweaty monster couldn't be about to use her... she wasn't just some....
Milo: Lilith gave the approving nod and Pamela squirmed over the seat a bit grabbing you tight by the lid with both hands and adjusted her position before letting a gush of her urine splash right into your mouth.
Alice: She whimpers now tasting it.. feeling it's warmth through her..all the while kissing that fat rear like a lover...
Milo: More was to come as you heard grunts from above until the fat witch's asshole stretched open and let loose her bowels, splashing deep into you.
Alice: *groans as they settled into her mouth.. the flavors coming on more slowly..
Milo: But it hit you hard, and it was even worse than you could have imagined.... Lilith laughs out loud "Oh I bet you just loved that!" While Pamela reached for your handle.
Alice: She wanted to spit it out.. to spit in Lilith’s face... that she hated it.. and hated you... but all she did was kiss Pamela’s ass until she felt a tension from her handle being touched..
Milo: Pamela pulled your handle flushing the contents of your mouth out of your system meanwhile blowing your mind away with an orgasm so powerful, enough to almost make you forget you had ever been human in the course of seconds.
Alice: The little toilet rode out the soul crushing orgasm.. pleased that it had served its mistresses well, It was so hap....Alice could not believe what she had been thinking moments ago.. she would never think of herself as a toilet! never...
she looked up at the number on the door.
Milo: The number had already dropped down to a staggering 97.3% while Lilith spoke "Why did you flush so soon, trying to make it easier for her, don't forget what's she's done to us!" As she shut the stall door.
Alice: 97.3.... the number stared back at her.. while her head had another number..2.7.... and she wept as her world shrank to that little stall...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just putting things out here

So Jade poked me today to request I post a specific caption of mine to this blog. It has previously shown up on purseboy, but that one is down for the moment, and I like her too much to even consider denying such a request.

So here is that and a couple of other captions given that purseboy is down and I should get them posted someplace.

A cute little cap I did for her when I found the picture of the lovely green haired lass above. Love you Jade.

Now then, speaking of requests these were done based on comments and requests on other captions I had over at purseboy.

I do hope that ones who inspired them see them here.

More of my love of bodypart transformations on display. I'm not sure what draws me to these ones specifically  but it's there and I really can't turn it off so you get lots of people becoming parts of other people. Normally soft round parts, but what can I say, I'm predictable that way.

Anyway, more caps when I throw off the general malaise of working retail and make some more images  and/or search my folders for others that I've made and not posted. Thank you for watching.

Monday, April 8, 2013

My friend chase.

Some days I have to thank my friend Chase, Aka Captain Shaman, for keeping me putting out any creative works at all. So I've made quite a few Captions in his 'honor' over time. Just wanted to say thank you.

Also, my lovely gal Jade has been featured in more and more captions. I don't get to see here nearly as often as I would like. Our schedules are horrid for actually interacting. So she gets roles in my caps as often as I can reasonably squeeze her in.

Now then, she's a lovely wonderful person, nowhere near as mean as I portray her sometimes.

Then again, I'm nothing like I portray me sometimes.

Without further ado

So Chase requested from me three things one of them was an alteration into a vagina, so I took his requests and made a complete trilogy of caps from them. The actually request was "I get turned into a friends sex and she has sex with her boy friend even thought I don't want it." Chase did not complain about the alteration, or the cliff hanger that led into his second request.

He wanted a change into a woman's womb. Combine that with the fact that I like the idea of myself pregnant, and we get part two. Nine months later we end up with the last part.

And lastly he wanted a transformation into breast milk. It's months later, our baby is born and Jade decides that she's had enough threesomes and out Chase comes, down the drain to maybe never bee seen again.

These three were quite fun to make, although finding pictures to string together into a story wasn't easy. Still the idea of someone being accidentally altered, then altered more, then discarded once they are no longer of use is a nastily sexy one.

And a bit of bonus content, I love bondage, and bunny girls. Turns out so does Chase so he asked me for a cap of this specific picture. He hasn't seen it yet, but I hope he likes it.

And sorry for making you look so mean Jade.. I'll be your slave for a week to make up for it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

One of these days I'm going to be steady.

So, Holiday season has come and gone. I've been transferred to a new store to work, been transferred back to my old store, had my car break down, fixed my car, and its threatening to do it again...

Still as we rapidly approach my day of birth, feels like nothing but excuses for my own lack of productivity in the brain candy department.

Chase, AKA Captain Shaman has been the saving grace of my captioning. He keeps pushing me so I can't let my brain turn into a complete rock. Just most of a rock. Also the lovely Jade has kept me from sinking entirely into myself during this trying period. I could ramble on about my problems all day, but you come here to see kinda naughty captioned pictures.

This was a fun three part series. Yes I know toilet transformation is kinda icky for some folks, but I adore the helpless humiliation of the entire process. I'll be posting a few more things up here over the next few days when I get a bite of time. Thanks for your patience with me.