Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just putting things out here

So Jade poked me today to request I post a specific caption of mine to this blog. It has previously shown up on purseboy, but that one is down for the moment, and I like her too much to even consider denying such a request.

So here is that and a couple of other captions given that purseboy is down and I should get them posted someplace.

A cute little cap I did for her when I found the picture of the lovely green haired lass above. Love you Jade.

Now then, speaking of requests these were done based on comments and requests on other captions I had over at purseboy.

I do hope that ones who inspired them see them here.

More of my love of bodypart transformations on display. I'm not sure what draws me to these ones specifically  but it's there and I really can't turn it off so you get lots of people becoming parts of other people. Normally soft round parts, but what can I say, I'm predictable that way.

Anyway, more caps when I throw off the general malaise of working retail and make some more images  and/or search my folders for others that I've made and not posted. Thank you for watching.


  1. The third one is from my request, and oh did it turn out fantastic! You truly have a talent for great captions with interesting stories, and I hope to see that work continued.

    You're right, there something about bodypart TF that I find attractive, but I can't quite pin it down. I hope you remember me down the line for any future breast/vagina TFs you might have in mind! Thanks so much!