Friday, September 21, 2012


Just two more that I tossed together this morning. I like toying with the idea of the recipent of transformed body parts not being either the agressor or even a willing participant. It helps that sexy anime shots often have embarased or angery looking heroines..
her face just made me want to do an unwilling tush boost. Several people have told me she could also be wearing a liveing outfit, they also volunteered to be that outfit.

This picture was going to be a TG immage but when I started on the previous caption this picture almost wrote it's own story so had to be used.

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  1. Great caps. I just found your site in the side-bar of another cap site. Refreshing to see someone doing Anime Caps every now and then :). I made some of my own at Rachel's Haven, but haven't found the time to make any more, XD.