Saturday, March 9, 2013

One of these days I'm going to be steady.

So, Holiday season has come and gone. I've been transferred to a new store to work, been transferred back to my old store, had my car break down, fixed my car, and its threatening to do it again...

Still as we rapidly approach my day of birth, feels like nothing but excuses for my own lack of productivity in the brain candy department.

Chase, AKA Captain Shaman has been the saving grace of my captioning. He keeps pushing me so I can't let my brain turn into a complete rock. Just most of a rock. Also the lovely Jade has kept me from sinking entirely into myself during this trying period. I could ramble on about my problems all day, but you come here to see kinda naughty captioned pictures.

This was a fun three part series. Yes I know toilet transformation is kinda icky for some folks, but I adore the helpless humiliation of the entire process. I'll be posting a few more things up here over the next few days when I get a bite of time. Thanks for your patience with me.


  1. Never thought I'd enjoy a toilet transformation but you're right, the helplessness and humiliation of the situation is quite exciting! Nice work!

    1. I know right. I find myself getting all squirmy over the idea of some gals tush...

      Well you know the rest. Glad you enjoyed my caption.