Monday, April 8, 2013

My friend chase.

Some days I have to thank my friend Chase, Aka Captain Shaman, for keeping me putting out any creative works at all. So I've made quite a few Captions in his 'honor' over time. Just wanted to say thank you.

Also, my lovely gal Jade has been featured in more and more captions. I don't get to see here nearly as often as I would like. Our schedules are horrid for actually interacting. So she gets roles in my caps as often as I can reasonably squeeze her in.

Now then, she's a lovely wonderful person, nowhere near as mean as I portray her sometimes.

Then again, I'm nothing like I portray me sometimes.

Without further ado

So Chase requested from me three things one of them was an alteration into a vagina, so I took his requests and made a complete trilogy of caps from them. The actually request was "I get turned into a friends sex and she has sex with her boy friend even thought I don't want it." Chase did not complain about the alteration, or the cliff hanger that led into his second request.

He wanted a change into a woman's womb. Combine that with the fact that I like the idea of myself pregnant, and we get part two. Nine months later we end up with the last part.

And lastly he wanted a transformation into breast milk. It's months later, our baby is born and Jade decides that she's had enough threesomes and out Chase comes, down the drain to maybe never bee seen again.

These three were quite fun to make, although finding pictures to string together into a story wasn't easy. Still the idea of someone being accidentally altered, then altered more, then discarded once they are no longer of use is a nastily sexy one.

And a bit of bonus content, I love bondage, and bunny girls. Turns out so does Chase so he asked me for a cap of this specific picture. He hasn't seen it yet, but I hope he likes it.

And sorry for making you look so mean Jade.. I'll be your slave for a week to make up for it!

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