Tuesday, August 21, 2012

another Log

Another RP log with the talented Ordos. This one was a bit of late night wishfulfilment on my part and a rare example of me being transformed voluntarily. Normally I liked to be tricked or forced, but that night I was willing to beg for it.

Alice: Alice walked up towards the building. She took a deep breath and checked her bank statement on the phone again.. She was going to start getting harassing phone calls any day now.. She had already talked herself into and out of this a dozen times but it was time to take the plunge.. She walked to the front doors of the cosmagic building. She opened door and stepped into the lobby not sure where to go to do this crazy thing..
Nora: She was greeted by an expansive, elaborate lobby with an indoor garden and beautiful statues forming a rather suggestive sapphic fountain in the center. Beyond the display was a desk staffed with a few women, a couple chatting with customers but most idly talking amongst themselves or killing time on their PCs. Most had some evident enhancement done, be it one or two more breasts than normal, dark blue hair, lustrous purple skin, or extra arms. To the right was an archway with the word Emporium written on it, to her left another archway with the word Consultation. As Alice stood there a... woman, for lack of a better term, slithered from the consultation room. Her lower body was that of a snake, trailing for four meters behind her shapely hips. A loose top clung tightly over eight breasts and two noticeably different heads nuzzled each other atop a shared, armless torso. One teasingly licked the others ear with a long, forked tongue, eliciting a nervous laugh from her conjoined mate. As the snake-woman passed, one head (the brunette) eying Alice lustfully, a rather normal girl from behind the counter approached her. She seemed like a pretty twenty-something, the only obvious change being a third c-cup breast nestled between her other two. "Good afternoon, and welcome to Cosmagic!" she cheerfully greeted Alice. "My name is Justine. Can I be of assistance?"
Alice: Alice blinks watching the naga girl... thing.. person.. go past, "Yes.. I. I heard that someone can make quite a bit of money very fast selling.. themselves to the company?" Alice blushes as she even asks.
Nora: Justine nodded, her short copper hair bobbing with the motion, "of course. We offer very competitive pricing, to be allocated the account of your choice... just so you're aware, you do know that you won't be in a position to spend that money yourself?" she extended a hand as she spoke, gently wrapping her fingers around Alice's and gesturing towards the 'Consultation' doorway.
Alice: Alice nods, "y..yes.. I.. I'm wanting to leave something for my family. And discharge some debts owed also. Although it would be funny to see them try to send me to collections after you folks get done with me.."
Nora: "Aww, that's very conscientious of you!" Justine said as she lead Alice to the other room. It was more plain that the lobby, with numerous side-doors and offices. Justine lead Alice to an empty office with a desk, some chairs, some indoor plants, and a PC with oddly feminine curves about the monitor. "You'd be amazed how many people come here and sell themselves to the bakery division or some such to afford some new toy. Now, do you have any preferences on what you'd like to be?" she offered a bundle of papers from within the desk, some legal waivers, procedural descriptions, and price lists.
Alice: Alice shakes her head and starts looking over the lists to see what's in demand, and thus higher priced now, "no.. I've seen the videos.. Saw what happened with those two girls who turned into a giant strawberry cheese cake.."
Nora: Justine licked her lips at the memory, "not too bright, but goddess were they sweet. Let's see... it's the off-season for our candies division, so demand is fairly low there. We have a couple commissions actively seeking reagents that will pay quite well... an erotic end-table, some harem pillows, a twelve-inch horse-dildo... ah, but the largest prices right now are for absorptions. Tell me, how do you feel about being a woman's ass or boobs?"
Alice: Alice sits back and thinks for a few moments, "I"m strangely comfortable with the idea. Does.. does it hurt? what about getting pierced?"
Nora: "Well," Justine looking up at Alice, almost appraising her, "piercing always hurts when it's done, but the transformation itself is painless. You'd be permanently, irrecoverably merged with the buyer, still sentient but almost entirely immobile. You're able to feel the host's entire body, but sensations from your quarter will be greatly amplified, both for you and her. Of course, it's difficult to get feedback from such things, but most people seem to like it in the limited interviews we've been able to do, and the buyers always love their new assets. A Ms. Jessica Grey is actually scheduled for a procedure today, if you're interested."
Alice: Alice nods at that, "So.. just a little light jiggling to remind my host that they're assets used to be a person?" she ponders and starts filling out paperwork sending the cost of her self to her family, "what.. is she having done to herself? and.. if I don't go today.. what happens to me?"
Nora: Justine happily looked over Alice's paperwork, making sure everything was in order before giving the girl a quick hug (and was that a squeeze of her breasts?) before gently tugging her wrist and guiding her out of the office. "Ms. Grey has been pursuing a number of these procedures recently. Today is her last for the foreseeable future... and she's getting her ass enhanced into something a bit more squeezable and jiggly. She's already had four breast 'enhancements' and one for her pussy, so you'll be rounding out her new form! She'll look magnificent!" Justine giggled as the entered an elevator and quickly punched the button for the eighth floor. "And you're free to walk out whenever you like... but if you do so after the priming, well... some ambient magic might set it off later..."
Alice: meaning... I could get turned into anybody's tush?"
Nora: "Or just an ass,if the spell's set off and there isn't a suitable host in range. A few months ago we found a girl who'd got nervous and opted out of her boob merger at the last minute. Poor thing had been a couple of boobs in her bedroom for weeks before we found her. Ah, here we go!" the doors opened and Justine guided Alice down some hallways to a room where a stunning woman relaxed on a reclining lounge chair. She had long dark hair, a pair of impossibly perky E-cup breasts, and a labia that seemed eager and proud rising slightly between her legs. "Ah," she purred in a sultry voice, "you must be my ass. A pleasure to meet you," she stood up, her naked breasts bobbing with the motion as a smile curved onto her full lips.
Alice: Alice shivers looking at her, "y..yes. I'm happy to meet you and hope I'm satisfactory..." She swallowed heavily looking at the ass she soon would be a part of.
Nora: Justine approached her, standing close enough that her nipples brushed against Alice. She reached out her slender arms and placed her hands on the woman before her, letting one rest on her shoulder while the other ran over her curves. Without warning she leaned forward and placed her lips on Alice, probing her mouth with an adept, electrifying tongue, letting her warmth and lustful scent fill the woman as she squeezed her ass in the embrace.
Alice: Alice moans as she is embraced by this woman panting into the embrace wigging her tush as it is squeezed. She almost melts into the embrace her own lust like a coiled spring that she has been winding more and more tightly.
Nora: Jessica finally broke the kiss, licking Alice's lips on her way out, savoring a taste for the last time. "You're perfect," she purred. She nodded to the mage-technician, an Asian woman in a white lab-coat, who approached Alice and instructed her to disrobe while offering a glass of water and a single white, priming pill. "I should make some things clear," Jessica continued, wriggling her ass as she strutted to a clinic's table in the center of the room. "You'll be my ass, not a person, so you shouldn't expect much in the way of extra consideration. I'll be sitting on you quite a bit, you must understand. There will be fun parts, I can guarantee you, but you're in for a life on my tush. I would like to know your name before you become some jiggling delight on my backside, though."
Alice: Alice shivers holding the pill, "My name is Alice. Forgive me if I don't tell you my last name, butts don't need them, and my family doesn't need to know how I ended up." she swallows the pill and drinks the entire glass. She then starts to strip feeling plain and entirely out of shape next to this person she is about to join. "I.. don't know why, but that sounds.. nice.. mostly peaceful."
Nora: Jessica smiled and laid herself down on the table, belly first, her gigantic boobs propping up her chest so that she had to rest her head on her crossed arms. Her ass was wriggling in the air, her glistening pussy just visible between her shapely thighs. "It will be... mostly. I know my boobs haven't complained, and my pussy is just slick with expectation." She licked her lips as the mage technician placed a hand on Alice's shoulder, channeling the final spell into Alice, making her body feel alight, tingling, eager... and left her with a compulsion to touch Jessica's pert little ass.
Alice: Alice shivers... and reaches out her hands each one grabbing a grope of her future home.
Nora: Her hands slip into Jessica's ass, vanishing up to the wrist and flooding her with feelings of warmth, lust, and a very deep, primal, almost hunger. "Mmmhm," Jessica purred.
Alice: Alice gasped at the feelings watching her hands sink in and blushing as the sensation flooded her, "oh gods.. y..your consuming me... and it makes you feel so good to own a person like that.." Her own sex starts to drip.
Nora: Jessica laughed. "I do love it, but you're not a person anymore. Just some fun weight on my butt." She wriggled her still lean ass, and it seemed to accelerate the process, drawing more and more of Alice in, until her arms were gone to the shoulder and her boobs were brushing against her future home.
Alice: Alice shivers, "Yes.. I am just a butt now.." She then leans her head forward and kisses her owners tush.
Nora: Her lips didn't leave the warm curves of Jessica's ass. Her face and boobs were enveloped by Jessica's posterior and the absorption sped up, her entire upper body falling into this gorgeous woman. She couldn't see anymore, and was aware of strange new things... odd weight, delicious warmth, delightful softness, and so much arousal...
Alice: Alice moans in her mind her legs twitching her sex now almost freely flowing with the lust and arousal. Even if it could be stopped Alice would never let you.
Nora: Jessica moaned in her own orgasm as the last of Alice, her glistening sex, wet thighs, and wriggling toes slipped forever into their new home. She came on the table, her pussy (formerly April) squirting her exalted excitement. "You're done, Ms. Grey. May I add she looks exquisite." the mage-technician said, gently squeezing one full but-cheek.
Alice: Alice moans jiggling in the hands of the mage-tech trying to get used to the sensations of her new home.
Nora: "Mmmhm..." Jessica purred, rolling back onto her front and putting her weight on tush, sitting down on her newly enhanced ass. She let out a gasp; it felt so different now... so cushy, so soft, like she had her own private, scintillating cushions between her and the table. She shifted her weight experimentally and felt her pussy grow wet and tingly in excitement as she registered the new sensations. "My, she did turn out lovely, didn't she?"
Alice: Alice groans as the weight settles on her trying to get out so much as the tiniest of jiggles. She pants for a moment fighting the weight, but then gives in and lets it mush her as it must and she feels a sense of purpose in cushioning her owners seat.
Nora: "I hope you like your new home," Jessica purred to her own tush. "You're the sixth girl I've added to my physique, and its always such a treat." With some shifting of her weight she hopped to her feet and strutted, registering the delightful jiggle of her new, full, lovable ass.
Alice: Alice moans at each moment somewhat jealous to be sharing a host with five other girls but feeling to enchanted with being a tush to care too much. She wished she knew how Justine did it.. and she wished she could tell her new owner how much better it was now than as a person.
Nora: Jessica bit her lip, filled with the sensation of so many people bound to such decadent, sensual locations. "We are going to have a lot of fun later, my sweet... but I'm afraid I have a meeting to attend." It was a difficult endeavor, not squeezing herself until she came again, but Jessica could afford such treatments because she had the willpower to properly martial herself, after all. And it helped that she wanted to know what the new trousers she'd purchased for her new shape felt like. She slid her panties on first, almost a bikini affair that slid between the rift of her rear, and the tugged up a pair of gray silk pants until they snugly wrapped around her hips.
Alice: Alice wiggles a bit in her new restraints feeling a little mushed by the snug silken pants and moaning as she is split by the panties. She cannot help herself as she rubs against the pants.
Nora: "Ooh... that is nice," Jessica moaned as she wriggled her hips and ass, reveling the mushed sensation from her new passenger. She quickly donned her matching blouse and made her farewell pleasantries to the technician before strutting out of the office.

Nora: Ten hours later Jessica finally let herself unwind. She was home in her penthouse apartment, near the heart of the city, and after a teasing dinner with perhaps a drop too much wine shared with her lover, the talented Natalie, the two had retired to their bedroom. There love making could take many forms with many roles, but tonight, with her most recent alterations, there was only one way things could go. Jessica purred as Natalie's slender, strong arms reclined her onto the satin sheets, planting kisses on her lips and neck as she slowly unbuttoned her lover's blouse and cast it to the side of their bed. She gently ran her lips over the yearning, erect nipples atop her heaving bosom, drinking in the satisfaction of Jessica's moan. She nibbled along Jessica's ear ever so slightly before she rolled her lover over, giggling as Jessica positioned a pillow to support her head at the altitude her billowy breasts propped her up to. She bit her lip with anticipation as Natalie tugged off her snug trousers and beamed at the full, round beauty of her new, glorious ass. She carefully leaned down and kissed this new addition to their bedroom hello, one cheek then the other, feeling their full weight and warmth with her hands as she ran a teasing tongue lightly over their upper rim.
Alice: Alice jiggled in hot anticipation trying to push and kiss back as she was touched after that long day. The lips felt soft against her and she imagined a moment of connection as they both were women who loved tushes.. then it was gone in a haze of pleasure she she felt a tongue teasing her.
Nora: Natalie giggled, feeling the lovely ass wriggle beneath her. "My, aren't you eager," she cooed, taking a step back. She undid her own garments, letting her tight blouse unbind her perky b-cup breasts. Lastly, she shrugged out of her knee-length skirt, and even though Alice couldn't 'see' as such, she sensed the throbbing, nine-inch long shafted nestled between this woman's legs. Natalie approached again, letting the warmth of her aching cock spill out over the glorious expanse of smooth ass-flesh. She ran her member gently, teasingly around each cheek, squeezing them alternately. She reached down and thrust her cock into Jessica's pussy, coaxing a moan from her lover. Duly slick, Natalie returned her attention to the new ass and purred, "ready for your inauguration?"
Alice: Alice jiggled confused for several long moments as she felt the cock, but not another person. Then she realized what must be the case and would have blushed as she could deeper with each touch. She continued to jiggle, ready for that last step that would mark her, perhaps literally as a proper tush.
Nora: Without waiting for a reply Natalie dipped the head of her member into Alice's tight hole. It was firm, tight, but her slick member penetrated easily. She slowly inched her full length in, relishing the cries of pleasure and surprise from her lover. She slowly pulled out and then thrust in, faster and faster, building her excitement even as she felt Jessica cry and moan, a small squirt of feminine joy leaving her tight slit.
Alice: Alice felt her entire world go slightly fuzzy with pleasure as she was filled. The pain she was worried about never game instead she lost herself to the rhythm of thrusts and the feeling of her lovers hips slapping against her.
Nora: The thrusts continued, Natalie squeezing the cheeks of this wondrously receptive ass between thrusts. Every push, every squeeze of these glorious walls around her manhood, brought Natalie closer and closer to her own orgasm. Finally unable to contain herself any more she spilled her lust and excitement into this new, magnificent receptacle of her love. Panting, she withdrew, her cock still dripping, and she collapsed on top of Jessica. It'd be a minute or two until she was ready for round two. She kissed her lover, and Jessica kissed back, still hazy in the afterglow. "She's a marvelous addition," Natalie purred, gently slapping her lover's new ass.
Alice: Alice moans with the orgasmic feeling of being filled feeling some of that seed leak out of her and run down her cheeks. She quivers with the slap feeling it cause a wave of pleasure over her sensitive shape.

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