Friday, December 9, 2011

Tiny women

I'm not sure why but I've always loved immages and stories of tiny people. I really loved "The Littles" and "The Borrowers" when I was a kid. Like much of my youth these fasinations have turned into fetishes.

I just love the idea of shrinking down. Seeing the world from the entirely wrong angle. Maybe getting it touch with a few friends or a girl friend and having a very interesting time.  Drakira presented an interesting world, and let it slip in passing that sometimes his little food marks don't always work right. Now normally according to him this results in basically garbage transformations, but that is his spin. I used it to indulge in a little shrinking fantasy while still keeping relevant to Ashley's page.

Anyhow, here are the two caps that show this. One of myself, and another of my friend Steven.

Cute and kind of messy though.. although come to think of it messy is also has it's charms. I showed the pictures to Drakira and he mentioned that I left out his marks tendency to make one desire to be eaten. So I made a set of alternate endings just for him. The implied vore didn't actually bother me, seriously how could it given what I've already put out there. Actually there something neat about it, but not to the extent that many fans of it are.. Anyhow, here are the alternate endings.

Next time more logs on the blog, till then see ya later.

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