Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TG too

So I recently joined Rachel's Haven and have decided to stretch my TG muscles a bit.  As always Steven is a good friend, and when I found out he was their too I couldn't resist making him my first target.

Steven was bored with his life. He had devoted so much time to working with lines of code wrapping himself in computer arcana that he missed out on the human connection. He then began a second line of research. He kept up his computer skills, after all the bills had to be paid, but he took all his joys from his new obsession, the occult.

He tracked down any trace of mystic knowledge soon building himself up a collection. He had accounts of witches from the earliest written history, up to modern tales of magical disappearances. He also had the jewel of his collection, an actual spell book used in the middle ages. It was not easy getting it translated to work with his modern English, but he finally managed it.

He was about to do the hardest thing he had ever done. A spell that was once used as a curse on knights who took the lives of villagers, he was going to repuropose it into one that would grant him a new lease on his life. He set the parameters; a place of learning, a chance to help other people, and to have a bond with another. He set up his new life ready to take his place as a student and to do it right this time. He placed his hands into flames in front of him and a bright flash overwhelmed all his senses.

When he awoke it was early morning, he felt so heavy like he could barely move. His belly rumbled far worse than it ever had as he made his way to the bathroom of the house he found his new life inside. He flicked on the lights and gasped at what he saw. He'd become a woman, and no student either.

Her belly was heavy in front of her rumbling again and kicking with another person inside. She took care of business inside the bathroom and struggled to her bed room again searching for the clues to her new life. She found her ID card, she was a teacher at a middle school, and her name was Ellen. As she looked over everything she started to remember her life as Ellen, Elly to her friends. She was struggling as a teacher, but loved helping all her students. She was frightened at the thought of being a single mother, but excited at the growing bond with the little person in her belly.

As she made her way to school she realized that even if Steven had screwed up that spell, as Ellen she would be happy with her life now. The fact that she was smart enough to put all of Steven's assets into an account that she knew the pass words for would also help her and her daughter make the fresh start she always wanted.

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  1. I like how the curse was twisted yet still gave her a happy ending, great cap!