Thursday, November 10, 2011

All dressed up..

So yea, I've been saving my overall caps on clothes till last for some reason. Didn't plan it just worked out that way. Sometimes my captions don't fit into an overall theme. Sometimes they are one or two shots just made for the heck of it. My primary concern with clothing is that it gets next to the skin. I don't know why but huge gowns and winter coats are not as nice as a good exercise leotard or bra and panty set. Anyway, without any further struggles, lets get a look at my catch all captions.
This was one of my very early ones. You can see one of my themes of reversals coming up even in my early works.
Another early one. In fact the first one that ever drew a comment on the Purseboy blog.  I've always found the trope of water sealing a spell to be kind of... dumb.
At one point I had the idea to ponder the uses for clothing that spoke. Thus was born a short series and yet another business that focused around transformations.
It's my buddy Doug again. He didn't seem to mind moving to an advisory role in the shop.
Julien, or 4lice, or as I sometimes call her, "the other Alice." is a fun gal, and one I'm happy to know even if she does try to steal my name.
of course let it never be said that there was never an abuse to be had even of the best services.
Yet more on the theme of useful talking clothing.
I decided to let my audience pick if they liked naughty or nice for a cap. The results were split.
I saw this art and HAD to cap it.
I liked the haunted feeling of this one. No direct transformations involved just referencing a couple of friends and the feeling of eyes watching you every time you dress.
This one was surprisingly popular. At least it surprised me. Just another random way to wordy cap from me, but a couple of folks latched onto the idea of exercise clothes. Thus I needed a sequel.
And thus the sequel happened. and it too was popular. This is probably the reason I haven't seen any revenge from Doug for the butt thing.
Just wanted to toss out a twist on the theme of transformation for revenge.
A failed attempt at world building, but another fun and popular gym wear caption.. Maybe I aught to those more often.
 So I made Milo out as a bit of jerk for the framing device for this one. He  is so not a jerk, but I was doing a whole bunch for him so I was running low on creative ideas.
Steven had the bad timing to be chatting with me while I was doing my caption tutorial. Thus his name go added into my sample caption.
Kat is another good friend. She does a lot of my editing these days and is herself something of a foot fiend, so I like to give her a little reward every now and then.
Just a quick little one welcoming Milo to being a board mod. In retrospect I would have saved this picture for a lovely breast transform.
A little TG twist on clothing TFs for my friend the other Alice.

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