Thursday, November 10, 2011

everything else

So I lied in my last post.. there is still the very last catch as you can category. Everything that didn't fit nice and easy over there will be found over here.
Made after a fun role-play with Ashley. She's been having hard times lately I recommend wishing her good luck.
A new buddy Drakira is VERY into diapers so I made this one as a request. I was then given four more requests for more.. It's likely you'll be seeing more in the future.
I did this as a request for the other Alice. It was more than she bargained for but that's what you get for asking a witch right?
Milo gets into a bit of bathroom troubles doesn't he? Not that I mind doing these either. There is something very naughty about the toilet and it has a very odd appeal to me.
More of Milo getting into trouble and getting into the plumbing.
And I'm finishing off my tour of my old captions with my personal favorite of all the ones I've done. This was based on an RP with Tsceri and it kept me in erotic tingles for days. The original art made me very curious to learn what was being said in the Japanese, even though I edited out the text for the purposes of making this caption.

Well that was fun. In the coming weeks and days I'll be posting new exclusive materials. My captions will continue to show up at the Purseboy blog, and My CYOC caps will continue to appear there exclusively!

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