Thursday, November 10, 2011

No it's not FIle Transfer Proticol today.

So many moons ago the great Darin Brown, aka Naga, brought us, by way of a story by Lurking Tentacle the term FTP as an abriviation for Frotterotransformationalpartialism. a major latin english mashup word that in translations means to transform a person into a part of the body rubbed for sexual gratification. Now given that I've met very few fetishes over time that I didn't like, this one was no exception. I can't tell you exactly what I find so gosh darn apealing about this facet of transformation, but it is. Perhaps it has to do with warmth. Being made into a part of another person would be the closest experience a person could ever hope to get. Additionally given that the parts that get focused on are the warm soft parts that people love to sexualize, well I'm sure you can put a few things together.

Additionally as a pure asside, I'm going to make another one of those plugs. If you are into erotic art and haven't been to Naga's Den, go fix this right now. You're welcome.

Now that the back ground stuff is out of the way, on to captions!
I've spoken before about how much I love Milo. He is awesome and he shares with me a love of butts. He is one of my go to victims when it comes to makeing an ass of someone. As such, you'll be seeing his name a fair amount.
I could not decide on the over all picture for this cap so I did it to both. Doug thought he was pretty clever in his gallery turning me into his butt and useing a transformed person as a pair of underwear as a seal. Well I went one better. He's promised me revenge at some point, but thus far it hasn't emerged.
One of the rare times I got myself. For whatever reason I very rarely insert myself as victim in the captions. Everybody knows this is a sham as I am such a victim. At least one of my friends has commented that it seems I was born to be a toy. This may or may not be the case, but I know where my preferences lie.
Ashley requested both breast transformations, and temporary transformations so I did a few that indulged her.
Of course, temporary does not need to mean fast. Another rare direct reference but this was a more or less victimless caption..
This one started out as just another I get one over on Doug cap, but I was chatting with Steven at the time and couldn't resist throwing him in as a framing device for the whole thing. I posted as it was and waited a week for him to respond.
He did not disappoint. I kinda knew he would choose to dive into being part of this fox girl so I had this one ready for him.

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