Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catching up and themes I've done over time.

I thought I might do something silly and post a few posts to catch up to my over all captions done, but put them up with some of the themes I've done over time rather than just chronological order. So, to that end Theme number 1 is "Cafe Henkei" henkei being a Japanese word for transformation. I know, not exactly creative, but I realized I have a ton of maid images, more on that later, and thought I could use a few of them to pad out my caption numbers. These started pretty early and I was almost afraid that Ashley would kick me off the site so few of them had any inanimate content at first.

Tasha is a character of Cavi's and is normally a dark, boarder line evil character, the picture in no way looks like her, but I was being a little lazy at the time.
More of Cavi's characters. They were just too dang cute to leave alone this time. Then again, the idea of letting out parts of yoruself to play and have some fun is a pretty neat idea that I may have to return to at some point.
Amber is one of my fall back characters.  When ever I wanna play myself but don't feel like useing Alice, Amber gets trotted out. I really did grow up on a farm and raise cows.
This was the last of the first set. It also was the only one that had inanimate content. Pretty long walk for one maid dress transformation right? Doug is someone that I love to RP with, and of course Ashley runs the best Inanimate TF site currently active.
My first extra. Thought it would be nice to give Tasha a moment of her evil. This was of course messed up by the fact that at the time I didn't edit anything.
Fun fact, I love bathroom transformations. So does my friend that I included in this one.
This one came about as a pair of requests. Also due to other captions of mine including a pile of demons, more on that later.
Speaking of requests, I love Milo and try to give him what he wants when I can. Also I adore permanent transformations, makes it hard to use characters again, but that is why we have a great big multiverse right?
And a continuation of the last one. I really like body part TFs also. Then again there are very few TFs I don't like. Anyhow that is all for today.

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