Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I decided that it would be fun to do a series involving demons that used powers over lust to steal their victims souls, or even their body's and take them back to hell. Inanimate transformation style of course.

As you can see, major punishments for thought crimes going on here. Why do demons even need souls? I mostly leave it up to the imagineation, although later on I indugled in a little personal speculation. More on that in later posts.
Steven has become one of my really good friends that I've met through the medium. He's super fun to RP with and I'll be includeing some of our logs up once I get caught up with things.
I'm sure I've said it before and I'll say it again, Doug is awesome. If you've somehow found my site without seeing his gallery on Ashley's go fix this right now, I'll wait. Ok good, welcome back. Anyway he is another person that is great fun to talk to, RP with, and otherwise be around. I've stolen a few ideas from him over time, but he has been kind enough to forgive me.
This one was another shot at Doug using one of his very rarely used characters. Less used now for whatever reason. Anyhow yep, another fun time with Doug and another demoness having herself a lovely time.
I try to make it a point to get one over on Ashley every now and then. Additionally since she loves breasts, a lot, I try to make it a point to have her on some gals chest too.
And the lovely Cavi, do love her quite a bit and it shows the number of times I've made her my victim. Oh pro tip, if you don't want to get victimized, don't get friendly with me it will happen to you. Also since cavi is such an ass lover I knew the only proper thing to do was put her in some gals jeans.
And I could not resist doing a cross over between my Cafe Henkei stuff and the demons after seeing this super cute demon maid picture.

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