Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bakery and other food items

So part of this whole kinda strange transformation fetish I've got kicking is a love of food transforms. Something about helplessly  becoming a tasty snack. No matter what is said if you get turned into something you've got time to hope and wait for a rescue. With food, you've got a couple hours at best till your eaten up and lost. Makes the whole experience extra intense.
This is the first one I did that involved a food TF in general and a reference to the Demonic Bakery. the bake shop will make a comeback in other captions, as well as ending up being a popular RP destination.
Here was me establishing the bakery. Also answers a question about what demons might do with souls.
A super silly one I dropped very quickly. Featuring lots of names that were active on Ashley's blog at the time. Also point of fact, the only Non-illustrated cap I've done to this point.
After an RP with Tsceri something I recommend if you ever have the ability to do so, I made up this cute little cap based on his persona for the night becoming a cute pink cupcake.
After the Cavi picture got some attention Steven made the mistake of commenting that he was jealous. So it was off the bakery for a flour treatment and oil bath. He is a sweet one to this day.
This was part of a three piece series having to do with the effects of eating human doughnuts. Also gave me an excuse to use some more chubby pictures, something that I very much liked.
and that's the two that followed.
Anyhow, love a good food TF and I'm sure that more will happen over time.

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