Thursday, November 10, 2011

Logs on the blog

One of the things I plan on doing is posting RP logs that I have with people when they give me permission to do so. I'm going to be changeing the names so that YiM info doesn't get out, if you see a log of yours and you want the YiM info out, then please just post in the comments.

So without further delay, here is me and Elly altering Alice.

Alice: yea... but... even with the one percent chance of getting stuck you gave at your clinic?
Elly: 1% is small
Elly: so get the insurance
Elly: and I believe you wanted to be TF'ed so that might be fun
Alice: I'll get that insurance... what does it cover?
Elly: "covering any bills you might have, paying off any mortgage and lease, as well as money for the family to help"
Alice: definitely getting that...wouldn't want to leave the family with my debts.. if the worst should happen.
Elly: "That is a very good choice, not which option would you like and how long will you be staying in it?"
Alice: lets go with the pocket pussy.... for six weeks!
Elly: "That is a very good choice, We can start whenever your ready"
Alice: *nods* right now is good... I wanna get well and truly used..
Elly: "Good, in that case you can get a discount" I said as I hand you a form. Please fill then out and head into room 4 with the paperwork when done.
Alice: *quickly fills it out and heads for the assigned room*
Elly: *Inside you see a clean white room with a blond haired man in his early thirties. He has a name tag sating his name is Doctor Smith. "Hello, if you are ready, please give me your paperwork so I may begin" he said.
Alice: *I smile and hand doctor smith the paperwork* can't wait.
Elly: He looks it over and said "ok, you are the second girl who wanted this today". he then walks over to a small table and gets ready. "Can you please go stand under the light against the back wall" he asks.
Alice: I walk over to the assigned position, "I can't believe you can do this as simply as making a doll.."
Elly: He walks back with a small cup with what looks to be cherry syrup and hands it to you. He then turned on the light, which then makes a strange humming sound. "This is a two step process, the serum makes your body adjustable, while this transmutter will then take over and do the work" he said.
Alice: *I swallow* bottoms up.. *I drink it down in a single gulp* do your worst, I'm ready!
Elly: *It has a rather nasty taste to it*
Alice: bleh!
Elly: The doctor then presses a small hard to see button on the wall, as you start to feel the changes. First you feel your body become hard to move as you see the doctor look a little bigger.
Alice: *groans feeling herself starting to shrink looking over her body as best she could... having a crazy thought, 'how am I gonna drink that stuff for the return trip?' as she watches the doctor get bigger* say. .. doc... do I drink that stuff... to turn... back...."
Elly: "You don’t need to," he said. As he talks your arms become stiff and cling to the sides of your body as your body starts to distort taking on the right shape.
Alice: *groans as her form twists and changes*
Elly: You keep shrinking as you find yourself half of your original height. You then see your skin turn into hard plastic.
Alice: *blushes feeling the shift trying to move her hands to finger herself*
Elly: Your arms fuse into your body as you continue to shrink down., to around 1 foot tall. As that happens, your feet and legs fuse themselves.
Alice: *shudders wobbling in place as the whole room as become gigantic to me*
Elly: Your skin puffs out as it takes out a fleshlight shape and then stops becoming a hard plastic As that happens your internal organs disappear as it turns into the filling of a fleshlight
Alice: *pants inside herself as she becomes the thing she's going to be for the next month and a half...*
Elly: With a loss of control you fall over as you find your head facing forward and unable to move.
Alice: *tries to shout as she falls unable to stop herself only to bounce and roll slightly unable to move herself at all*
Elly: your hair melts back into your head as your head moves closer into your body as your neck disappears.
Alice: *groans as the finishing touches start*
Elly: Your face turns rounder as your nose slips back into your face and your mouth changes as you can taste the artificial cunt it is now becoming.
Elly: The doctor looks on and smiles as he watches.
Alice: *blushes seeing the doctors smile tasting herself.. rubber of her.. the tiny bit of lubricant she is packed with*
Elly: your eyes close and the skin sues as the rest of your face finishes turning into the head of the sex toy. When he is sure it is done. Doctor smith turns the device off and picks you up. "Well you are done and ready to be used. So I guess you need to get your proper checkup" he sad as he unzipped his pants with his other hand.
Alice: *would be shuddering with anticipation.. she didn't know she would be used so soon*
Elly: The doctor takes you to the other side of the room and away from the device. he then frees his pick and rubs the head of is shaft to what used to be your head, as he starts to get hard.
Alice: *shudders feeling his penis against her face driving home how small and insignificant she was now*
Elly: With his member finally hard, Doctor smith places his member into you. As he gets his full cock in he starts to thrust his shaft in and out of your body.
Alice: *moans as she is completely filled with man meat.. her whole body serving you and just one purpose*
Elly: He quickly picks up the pace as me moans himself. After a few moments he starts to leak a little pre-cum into you, which quickly turns into more of the lube you started out with.
Alice: *pants as her insides slick up with more lubricant dripping around his member forming a better seal*
Elly: Not long after he finally cums as you taste his seed within yourself. As before the cum turns into Lube, replacing what was used for the doctors first use of you. "you worked out great, hope you like the six weeks left" he said as he zipped himself back up.
Alice: *shivers with that use eager for more as some of the cum/lube drips out of her*
Elly: Th doctor wipes away some of the excess lube as he brings you out to a small holding area. He places you into a slot and writes down a note before putting it in the space. It reads [Alice 6 weeks *today’s date*]
Alice: *shivers imagining what would happen if that tag got lost*
Elly: The receptionist, a woman named Cindy walks into the room and sees the new spot filled"Just great another one" I said in disgust
Alice: *sits in her slot looking up at this woman*
Elly: Cindy not hearing you goes on and said "You things are all the same, just slutty cum sucking toys...I don't know how I can even look at you lot".
Alice: *blushes wanting to shout back that she was not just some toy.. at least not after six weeks anyway*
Elly: Cindy then takes out out of your spot and sticks her right index finger into you. "I bet you love that, to be used like a cum dump, unable to care about what happens...heck you might just never want to change back" she said.
Alice: *whimpers as the teasing finger spikes up her pleasure -Nooo.. I..i"m just taking a vacation!... I'm not a cock sleeve full time!- she protests feebly in her head*
Elly: "Always the same" Cindy said as she adds another finger doubling your pleasure. "You get used a few dozen times and when you return, you sign up to be a toy for life...but then again, you always were and always will be nothing more then a sex toy" Cindy adds.
Alice: *moans dribbling some lube onto her fingers* -n..not gonna be that.. way...-
Elly: Cindy adds another finger and smiles as she knows you are feeling even more pleasure beyond what you ever thought of. "I bet you are cracking, well better just admit it, this is all you want from life, because this is all you ever were" she said with an evil grin on her face.
Alice: *groans as you twist her expertly feeling her mind fade into a fuzzy trance like state*
Elly: Cindy adds a forth finger increasing the pleasure to your mind, as she said "I know you love it, to be used. So remember me when you sign your wast of a life away".
Alice:*she pants shuddering with this new pleasure surge making sure to remember her when she ca..can't do that...*
Elly: With Cindy's small hand she manages to get her right thumb into you as well, as she has her full hand stretching and thrusting, as you feel pleasure beyond belief.. "well welcome to toy-hood, you can forget your name, only humans need them" she said.
Alice: *groans having no need for a name... entering toy hood...a toy...*
Elly: Cindy thrusted her hand into you fasted as she gets a little further in. "I know you want it, you just need to admit it toy" she said out loud.
Alice: *moans giving a tiny whimper* I want it.... I need to admit it....
Elly: Cindy then removes her hand from you and places you back on the shelf. "Well have fun waiting to be used....toy" Cindy said, as she made it sound like an insult.
Alice: *shudders enjoying sitting on her little rack.. Toy waits to be used eagerly*
Elly: *Two weeks go by with Alice being used at least once a day by ether an employee, or someone coming it to ask for some service themselves* Cindy walks back up with a smile on her face "So you getting your moneys worth toy" she said, with complete disrespect.
Alice: *shudders seeing her again, having barely escaped with her mind in tact last time the woman was allowed to see her, but privately admitting she wished she could be used for often..*
Elly: "I got a surprise for you toy, I did not show you last time, but since toys are made to be used. I figure I can properly use you" she said, as she took you from the shelf and into a private room.
Alice: *shivers as she is taken to a private room.... she knows they don't record what goes inside them so she'll be totally at this woman’s mercy..*
Elly: Cindy smiles and lowers her skirt. Underneath her outfit, she has a large cock above her pussy. "Well not you can have mine, I so love using my toy to play with the toys here" Cindy said as she rubs you along her member.
Alice: *she gasps feeling the member rubbing up against her reduced form starting to dribble out her lubricants in spite of herself becoming aroused at the feeling of yet another cock*
Elly: "oh you lubing yourself up for me" Tina said in mock surprise. "See you really do love the life of a toy, so maybe I should just book your next visit after I am done" She added as she slips the tip of her large member into you.
Alice: *gasps thinking her next visit anywhere but the toy room should be a month away..*
Elly: Cindy slowly forces your form onto her cock, as you stretch more then you have to accommodate her size. "I went for something extra large, it is hard to hide, but makes for so much fun for my time with the toys....don't you think so fleshlight" she said, as she wanted to make a point of calling out by the toy that you were instead of your name.
Alice: *she pants as pleasure pours through her form as she is stretched out to accommodate the largest member she's felt since she was turned*
Elly: Cindy keeps pushing you in till she can get as much of her member into you. "I think you should make yourself a bigger model, for your final form toy" she said as she starts thrusting.
Alice: *shudders pouring lubricant over you* final...form?... bigger?
Elly: "I grown to like you toy, I want to be your owner after you sign yourself away...I know you will as I know how much you love it" Cindy said, with a grin on her face.
Alice: *pants in wave after wave on mind numbing pleasure* ooo...n..can't...stay....toy...just..a break...a break...h..have to go..back...
Elly: "You love this toy, I can feel how much you love this cock...and you can always play with it when you sign yourself me me" Cindy said out loud.
Alice: that cock....*she shudders violently* n...nooo... am.. witch....not...toy...
Elly: "Oh yes, you will be such a good fleshlight. You feel so good against my cock" Cindy said, as she picked up her speed.
Alice: *shudders as she does feel amazing with your cock filling her like a toy in your hands... hard to remember why it's so important to go back as you thrust more and more quickly*
Elly: Cindy then lets her thumb rub against your head, which sends even more pleasure running through your plastic body. "I know how to push your buttons Fleshlight. So think of what a thrill it will be the have your entire life dedicated to pleasing me and my cock" she suggested planting the idea into your mind.
Alice: *shivers with the idea of fully dedicating to pleasing your amazing penis... her mind cracking a bit under the new rush of pleasure*
Elly: "Just think of it. You can have this monster crammed into you every night. I know you are feeling a lot of pleasure, but the lifetime change...that is so much more" Cindy went on, as if she was selling a car.
Alice: *groans* oooo...w..want more......*she quakes around your member lost in the effort to not break down and beg you to take her home..
Elly: "Yes you do, it is a carefree life. You just live to please and get pleased. That is all any toy does" Cindy spoke out loud as she felt an orgasm build up.
Alice: ooo..bu...but.....
Elly: "Oh yes toy, I have my cum have a little something extra, it will make me feel so much better for you" Cindy said as she was about to unload into you.
Alice: *she moans* extra? *she pants her will about to shatter*
Elly: Cindy then Climaxes as she unloads her cum into you. It was an extra large load, but the sensation of it inside of you brings you more pleasure then the last 5 uses you had put together.
Alice: *whimpers as days worth of pleasure slam through her mind all at once* Ohhh take me!! Keep me!!!
Elly: Cindy then takes you out as she rubs your head, as her cum turns into lube in your body. "I want you to remember that, as when you agree to be mine, it will be sooo soo much better" Cindy said as she gets dressed again and puts you back for your next use.
Alice: *moans as she absorbs your super cum her mind barely there for several hours*
Elly: Cindy comes back throughout the rest of the day and after you get used by a lab tech and just rubs your head with a finger and says "it will be so much better for you toy".
Alice: *shudders dribbling out lubricant at your simple touch*
Elly: *another two weeks pass by Cindy had used you again the week before, and just like that it was as intense as you last remember.*
Alice: *groans as Cindy's touch starts to make her feel like a horny needy simple toy... not a witch who needed to get back to her shop...*
Elly: Once again Cindy takes you out of storage and brings you to the room you been with her twice so far. "I got something special this time Fleshlight. I have something to add to your lube to make it a little more enjoyable" Cindy said.
Alice: *shudders in your hands both afraid of the pleasure that will come and desiring your massive cock.. thinking next time she'll go for the more, 'broken in' feel to better accommodate the size of your cock* add? but.. I make my own lube?
Elly: Cindy then pressed a little red gel into you as she slides it all the way in with her fingers. as she does, you feel a warming feeling as her one finger feels better then some of the cocks that have used you. "Mmmm this is so nice, and I have not even used you yet with this stuff in you" Cindy said.
Alice: *moans dribbling lube all over your finger*
Elly: Cindy smiled as she removed her skier and released her massive cock, as it was already erect. "You make me so hard toy. I guess I just love how you only exist to server and please me, as I think you love to filly that role my little fleshlight" Cindy said as she sounded a little more sweet as she used your toy name in a more positive tone.
Alice: *shivers seeing that member as she gets an instant craving for it pondering as Cindy now sounds.. almost nice..*
Elly: "I been very stressed with work today, I really could use your help to unwind" Cindy said as she gave an evil grin. She then slipped her erect cont into your body as the feeling of this cock was so much more intense then the last few times she used you.
Alice: *moans falling almost instantly into that fuzzy brained trance state that your pleasure overloads give her* to unwind...
Elly: Cindy was smiling knowing her plan was working, first be mean, then kind and then she can go for the gusto and get the girl to beg for a life of being a toy, as she thought it to herself. Although as she was thinking, Cindy was slipping her cock into your body, as she starts to thrust as soon as she fits as much of her member into you.
Alice: *pants and moans as she takes your member in her body and mind filling with pleasure as you smiled at her*
Elly: Cindy starts the thrust as the gel warms up sending increased pleasure throughout both you and Cindy's cock. Cindy then moans out having never done that before, as you hear her voice loudly and clearly.
Alice: *shudders imagining the pleasure she's giving Cindy*
Elly: A little pre-cum leaks out of Cindy's cock, as it has a reaction with the gel and heats up more as it sends you into a mini orgasm of your own. "I can't hold back much longer fleshlight" Cindy said to you in a kind tone.
Alice: *quivers around your form as her lube washes around the member inside her*
Elly: Cindy grunts out before spraying her seed inside of you. As that happens, you feel the pleasure it you harder then you ever known, as your mind is washed with an orgasm stronger then any that came before it. "I so love my time with you fleshlight, it is a shame you want to return to your old life....away from me" she said in a very believable sad tone.
Alice: o...ohh.. d..don't be sad...
Elly: Cindy then places you back onto the spot for you and said "I will miss our time together" in a longing voice.
Alice: ooo.. me too!
Alice: *she whimpers a bit and drools out more lubricant in her holder*
Alice: *time passes*
*shivers in her spot knowing the day had arrived.... feeling the shambles of her mind... if she could just walk out.. she would be a free witch again... So long as she didn't see Cindy... feel the woman’s touch...*
Elly: You still had a few more hours to change back, but you feel yourself being picked up again. "I am taking a long lunch break today, I had to use you one last time" Cindy said. She then brought you into the same room as always and added "don't worry, I'll make sure your on time" as she pulled out a blue gel and smiled.
Alice: *shudders feeling your hands on her again.. craving your pleasurable touch... wondering what new treat you've brought her*
Elly: "I brought a stronger version of the red gel, it is a lot more fun" Cindy said, as she never mentioned the gel was also a special aphrodisiac that worked well on living sex toys. She then started to rub some in with two fingers, as the feeling was almost as pleasurable as then Cindy first used you.
Alice: *pants at the intensely pleasurable sensation her lube fully flowing*
Elly: Cindy then takes her fingers out and lowers her skirt as she pulls out her cock. out and and slowly slipped her member into you, as the gel brought out new levels of pleasure to your mind.
Alice: *groans as everything goes into soft focus again.. her mind so soft and muzzy now feeling every pleasing moment drawn out like a lifetime*
Elly: Cindy thrust as the gel mixed with your lube gives you a pleasant tingling feeling. Cindy then said "I will miss this, I wonder if you will, my little lovely fleshlight".
Alice: *groans as she tingles knowing she will miss these amazing sensations* oooo.. yeesssss...
Elly: It was tighter then you remember, but did not notice anything until Cindy said "I made my cock a little thicker for you Fleshlight. I wanted this to be more fun". Just then, you feel some pre-cum enter you giving you an orgasm as soon as the fluid touched your insides.
Alice: *moans in that orgasm feeling stretched almost to the limit*
Elly: "I'll miss you fleshlight" Cindy said, as it sounded like she was sad at the thought of you changing back.
Alice: *groans feeling her sadness.. feeling bad for poor Cindy*
Elly: With a lout cry of your sex toy name Cindy climaxes as she spills her seed into you. The moment the fluid touched your insides you feel an orgasm that was just a little bit stronger then any you felt before, but the feeling lingered on until all the cum was turned into lube. "Well it is about time for you to change back" Cindy said, with a sad tone in her voice.
Alice: *groans trying to pull her mind back together after that last tremendous orgasm*
Elly: Cindy takes you to the lab room where doctor Smith is waiting. "Well it is time for you to change back" Smith said as he moved you into position.
Alice: *shudders knowing she'll miss her vacation here in the lab*
Elly: *The process starts as you start to regain heights and find yourself at three feet rather quickly*
Alice: *moans as she changes back fingering herself as soon as she is able*
Elly: your bottom half slits apart as they round back out to form your legs and feet*
Alice: *squirms her toes and then her legs rubbing her thighs together*
Elly: you gain another foot in height, as your arms split back off and change back, but still looked as if they were made of plastic
Alice: *starts to feverishly rub her self with her plastic arms*
Elly: *you regain your height as your internal organs reform and you start to feel your plastic hand on your slit, although it is not as nice as the time you just had as a toy*
Alice: *moans and squirms moving her body around just to move it*
Elly: *your skin changes back as your head moves away from your body as you regrow your neck*
Alice: *shakes her head as her neck regrows*
Elly: *your head twists back into shape as your ears reform and your eyes open again*
Alice: *blinks blushing and looking right at the doctor*
Elly: *your moth and nose and hair are the last to change back as you return to being human*
Alice: *pants on her knees struggling up to her feet* oooo gods.... that.. was.... incredible.....
Elly: "Welcome back I hope you enjoyed yourself" Doctor smith said.
Alice: oooo..yes... that was... amazing.. the best sex I could ever imagine.
Elly: *you see a woman you think is Cindy shed a tear and walk away* "Would you ever try this again" Smith asked you.
Alice: ooo... maybe.. *she shivers trying hard to avoid falling into Cindy's desires.. her desires for Cindy.. all she has to do is walk out...* it was... well.. like nothing else....
Elly: "Cindy wanted me to say she is going to miss you my wonderful fleshlight" I am not sure what she means by it" Smith said.
Alice: *groans* oooo...gods...I'm gonna miss her tooo!
Elly: "Well now that your done, we just need to to head up front and fill out some paperwork," smith said.
Alice: r..right..*she pants and heads for the front desk a tiny line of her fluids running down her thigh*
Elly: *you see Cindy at the desk as she hands you the paperwork on a clipboard with one hand, as she plays with her member with you other hand.* "I guess this is goodbye she said, unable to look you in the eye.
Alice: *shudders taking it* u...y..yea....*she licks her lips barely resisting the urge to beg to be her toy for all time*
Elly: "I'll really miss you, I hope you had fun, as I sure did" Cindy said.
Alice: *she tries to keep her mind of the paper work* I..yes.... that was... amazing...
Elly: "So what are you going to do now that your back" Cindy asked making some small talk.
Alice: g..going back to the shop.. got people to transform ya know... bet the paperwork is a mile high now..
Elly: "You know it is a shame I forgot to use my tongue to play with you. I am very skilled with it" Cindy said seductively.
Alice: *she shudders her her chair dropping the clipboard to the table* w..what.. *she leans towards Cindy*
Elly: "I am very skilled with my tongue. I am sure you would have loved to have that inside your plastic body every day as I lick and play with you" Cindy explained.
Alice: bu... the shop....*she flushes with arousal* a..are you asking me something?
Elly: "Are you sure you want to go back? I would take such good care of you and play with you everyday" Cindy said with a smile on her face.
Alice:*she whispers not making clear what part she is disagreeing with*
Elly: "What part did you say no to, I did not hear you" Cindy asked.
Alice: oooh..I..I'm not so..sure...
Elly: "Can you tell me what your not sure about?"
Alice: going back...
Elly: "You don't have to go back, you can stay with me if you want to"
Alice: o...ok...
Elly: "ok to what?"
Alice: *blushes crimson red* s..staying.. with you..
Elly: "So you want to live as my lovely little fleshlight?"
Alice: *her weeks on condoning ring in her mind as she nods*
Elly: "Really, you would change yourself and be mine?"
Alice: y..yes... I want to be perfect for you!
Elly: Cindy smiled as she pules out a new set of paperwork, one for someone who wants to live as a toy. "Well you need to fill this out and we can do it...I am so happy right now" Cindy said excited
Alice: *she blushes starting to fill it out*
Elly: *inside the forms there is one to turn over all items to the new owner*
Alice: indicates Cindy as her new owner signing over everything including herself* a..any requests for my shape?
Elly: "Well I like the fleshlight, how about you go full sex doll, so I have a few more places to play with you" Cindy suggests.
Alice: if you would rather have a doll.. it as intense as being the fleshlight? *she shudders soaking her seat as she continues to fill out the forms*
Elly: "more so, as you have more holes to fill"
Alice: t..then I'm gonna need another page... t..this one says.. "fleshlight.. one size oversize.. permanently two months broken in"
Elly: *Cindy pulled out the form you needed from behind the desk and gives it to you*
Alice: *takes the form as she hands you the other one* i. it will be weird to to not have you calling me fleshlight..
Elly: "you like your name, my lovely little dolly?"
Alice: *blushes* I.. just about cream whenever I hear the word...
Elly: Which one do you like more, being my little fleshlight, or my sexy love doll?"
Alice: *moans with her conditioning* oooo..f..fleshlight....*she squirms in her chair*
Elly: "ok then my little lovely fleshlight, we have the form already filled out for that, so you ready to take on your real body?"
Alice: y..yes Cindy..
Elly: "Good because you were born to be a toy, now I can help you become what you should have always been"
Alice: *shivers as she signs her name to the forms*
Elly: *Cindy takes your paperwork and walks you back to the room and the doctor*
Alice: *comes back* h..hello doc... *her thighs are soaked*
Elly: Smith looks at you and takes the paperwork from Cindy "So why did you come back, are you going to be spending a little more time as something" he asked.
Alice: I..I can't stop thinking about it... I wanna go home with Cindy... I want to change back.. only into one that feels well used and soft.. but still got use left in it..
Elly: "oh, so how long would you wish to be this item for" Smith asked.
Alice: I shudder and stutter barely able to get the words out.."f..for...forev...."
Elly: "You can tell me, I need to know so I can do it" Smith replied.
Alice: I blush deeply squirming as I look into Cindy's face, "forever!"
Elly: "Well in that case we will use the special stuff, as it will make you more sensitive" The doctor said as he started getting ready.
Alice: oh that sounds wonderful.... *I move over to where the machine will work rubbing my slick thighs together*
Elly: Doctor smith returns with a purple liquid and said "Are you sure about this", as he hands you the cup.
Alice: I take the cup and hesitate just a moment looking into Cindy's eyes.
Elly: *Cindy gives you a small comforting smile*
Alice: *gulps it all down* do it doctor smith.
Elly: The doctor turns on the device as you quickly feel the changes quickly. You feel your hair fuse back into your head as your skin changes colors to look as if it was plastic.
Alice: I begin to finger myself fiercely my last human act.. masturbation...
Elly: The doctor is not surprised as your legs fuse together and you fall onto your ass as you shrink down.
Alice: *moans bouncing on the floor*
Elly: *the flesh where your legs were inflates as it takes on a rounder form. As that happens, you feel your body straiten out as long lose the ability to sit up*
Alice: *shudders thrashing about as she could*
Elly: The skin on your upper body inflates as it takes on the rounded shape of a fleshlight. As it does you barely manage to continue to play with what is left of your pussy.*
Alice: *pants lieing on the floor teasing myself as I take on my new form*
Elly: *your body shrinks as you find yourself around 1.5feet long
Alice: *groans as she keeps on shrinking watching the room grow around her*
Elly: *Your body shrinks to around a few inches longer then you were before.*
Alice: *wriggles feeling so tiny again*
Elly: *an orgasmic feeling starts to build up now as your arms fuse into your body and your organs start to change into the lining for the fleshlight*
Alice: *moans long and loud as she can as she feels her body rapidly shedding it's humanity for soft padding and lubrication*
Elly: *the feeling builds as your head looks up without control*
Alice: *keeps moaning as she licks her lips tasting the lubricant she is going to be filled with*
Elly: *it is a sweet tasting lube, at least to your taste buds they are*
Alice: *groans loving to the taste of herself*
Elly: *your neck gets absorbed into your body, as your head takes on the shape of a fleshlight top*
Alice: *blinks rapidly licking her lips knowing that her face is next*
Elly: *your nose recedes as your mouth changes and moves*
Alice: *blinks her eyes watching the giant room and the doctor and Cindy*
Elly: *Your eyelids are fused as your eyes stop existing, but as they do the orgasm that has been building you wastes over your wing like a hurricane and last for the next few moments.*
Alice: *moans inside as she is awash with pleasure all of it bouncing around inside her mind and tiny body*
Elly: Doctor Smith looks over at Cindy and said. "She is there for good. The serum set it up and the orgasm she is recovering from should have finished sealing her in. She is yours body mind and legally too".
Alice: I quake in even more pleasure as the doctor explains the sealed nature of my new form.
Elly: Cindy smiles and said "ok I understand, and thank you for making us both happy", before walking out to finish her day.
Alice: *shudders watching her leave.. imagining the look on Cindy's face when her fortune was transferred to her new owners accounts*
Elly: Cindy finds herself home and places her shoes by the door. She then takes you out of her purse and gives you a strange smile.
Alice: *blushes looking up into her owners smile*
Elly: "I told you, I knew you could not resist being a welcome to my nightstand"
Alice: *shudders listening to her colder voice*
Elly: "oh and thanks for giving me everything, your house, car, and money will be very well used....on me"
Alice: *shivers* b..but you love me?
Elly: "I am going to love using you, but I think I will love your stuff more, I think you were my size, so free clothing for me too"
Alice: *whimpers trying to buck in her hands*
Elly: Cindy walks into her bedroom and places you in a nightstand draw. She then said before she closed it "I think I'll check your house, I might like it better then this small apartment".
Alice: *shivers unused in the darkness*
Elly: A few hours later or so Cindy returns to the apartment. She then opens the draw and pulls you out. "you have such a nice place" she said.
Alice: *shudders remembering her lovely home*
Elly: "Well I am going to move in, you can at least spend time there again. Tho first I want to use the new you. You are going to be it....forever" Cindy said before she undressed.
Alice: *groans as the image if you lovelingly tonguing her then using her to fill your urges every night starts to crumble away*
Elly: Cindy then started to rub her cock along her head before she placed it into your plastic body.
Alice: *moans dribbling lubricant along the cock as it is rubbed along her then shudders in pleasure as it is pressed into her body.. the one she had made just to please this cock..*
Elly: Cindy thrust your plastic body as she bade sure to have you big enough to fit her fill sized shaft. "such a better fit this time" she said.
Alice: *moans spilling out her lubricant her warm latex yielding easily for you yet squeezing once you were inside.. comfortably broken in.. about halfway used up...*
Elly: Cindy continues on as you taste her pre-cum on your body, as it mixes with the lube.
Alice: *moans feeling the pleasure of your pre mixing with her lube her rubber body tingling*
Elly: Cindy keeps thrusting and said "your first use in your new life, I think you must be happy with the change".
Alice: *moans hoping to be at least used often*
Elly: Cindy them climaxes as she cums within you. Cindy then pulled you off and said "you are so useful as a toy, you should be happy you have such purpose".
Alice: *moans full of your cum* h..happy to have a purpose...
Elly: As the cum is turned into lobe you are placed back into the nightstand till you are used again by Cindy.
Alice: *shivers as she put away in the drawer next to your bed.. her new home*


  1. Wow that was fantastic, such great descriptions! I absolutely love Cindy's tormenting and breaking of Alice, or should I say fleshlight. And the fleshlight's resistance and its journey of discovering it wants to be a toy permanently. It was sooo hot; I loved every bit of this and look forward to seeing more of your fantastic RP's!

  2. *blushes* Well I don't know how I missed this comment. Thank you, and I'll pass on your praise to my RP partner for this one. I'll see about haveing one or two more up soon.