Sunday, November 13, 2011

A quick new cap, and log

This new caption came from chatting Drakira for a little while. He was chatting a bit about marks in his little world where the rich get to eat anybody they want. I didn't think that sounded at all fair so I tossed this one off.

Oh Aaron, I knew you were just playing along. A silly rich boy like you could never resist the power you have over a poor low born person like me could you? You were so romantic whispering all the right things into my ear. Telling me that you would never touch that mark, that you couldn't understand how such a pretty, sweet girl like me could me marked to change into a simple beef burger anyway.

You think I didn't see you licking your lips while you gave me this pretty gold necklace. It seemed a bit out of character for you. Your normal tastes go into far more high class fair. Who was I to know. Then again, I bet you get off on the power. Watching a human being change from someone with a life ahead of them to your next meal.

Too bad for you, I'm a witch and have been since birth. Not a rich one though, and your class prejudices only give two options, be good little food products, or a criminal. Now you know, I'm a criminal. The mark is real, got it on my 18th birthday right there in the school office where they decided that my future was a greasy high calorie food. Guess they knew I was pretty slippery and bad for others even then.

So it was a simple matter to alter the inks even as I was being marked. They put that loaded burger tramp stamp on me, but little did they know that even while I was being marked by the school councilor I was making it so that anyone who triggered my mark, would be effected by it instead.

Hmmm.. I'm sure you've figured this out by now with your dripping tomatoes and melting cheese Aaron. You know what, I think I could go for a burger myself. I hope you enjoy getting chewed up. I know I'll enjoy digesting you even if you'll make my butt bigger. So time to begin your journey from my lips to the toilet!


Anyway, He seemed to like that one, but promised me revenge later.
Also on the menu for today is another log, this one not quite as long from the wonderful Ordos. His cosmagic series is wonderful reading, and any Cosmagic RP you get involved in is certain to be wonderful. This one cuts off fairly abruptly however. Sometimes stuff happens and scenes don't quite make it to conclusion.. I think we can all imagine where this one was going though.


Alice: I'll give it a go.. I'll use a generic super-heroine...
Alice: Amazing girl flew over the city taking her time to stop three muggings before she slowly flew down circling over the massive stadium She knew they would get quite a show tonight and all of the tickets would go to feed hungry children and kittens. She landed just outside waving to the people of the press, her body fully six feet tall and proudly powerful strode in through the doors her D cup chest bouncing under her leotard. her long red hair bounced along behind her along with her half cape.
Ordos: "Amazing Girl!" chirped Ariel, bouncing up to the heroine. She was going to hug the amazon in her tight spandex outfit, but thought better of it at the last second and extended her hand. "It's an honor working with you! We're going to help so many people today!" she giggled. The Cosmagic Chefess was wearing an apron... and that was about it, save for a surprisingly elegant pair of high-heeled, open-face black shoes. The apron contained her bouncing C-cups and wrapped down her hips and groin, just barely preserving her modesty. Barley. "We're going to feed sooo many people today!" <e>
Alice: Amazing girl floated up to the stage, "yes we are.. just not with your machine.." She laughs and addresses the crowd, "Thank you all for being here.. Today we are going to feed a lot of hungry people." She lets the cheering die down, "So.. just so we know the score.. Cosmagic contacted me asking about this little bet, and I was more than happy to take them up on it. Seems they think they've made a machine that can handle me.. but We all know they are wrong. In just a few moments I'll be prepped and step inside. When I succeed they will match the ticket sales with their own donations."
Ordos: The crowd cheered. Ariel smiled at Amazing Girl, something of an idol of her's. She was a little worried... there was no doubt in her mind that the machine she'd designed could handle the heroine... but she took pride in the fact that her ingredients enjoyed the process almost as much as those who ate them, and if someone had to end Amazing Girl's career of super heroism, well... "I'm honored you decided to do this," she said again, gesturing towards an impressive machine erected at the center of the stadium. She approached the microphone at the center of the stage, "Amazing Girl has graciously volunteered to test herself against our newest line of pastry machines. As part of Cosmagic's ongoing effort to combat global hunger, when our demonstration is over everyone here will get <c>
OrdosCosmagic? I know some super heroes haven't terribly liked our services, but if you're willing to volunteer to all this..." <e>
Alice: Amazing girl smiled at the young woman. "I have had you checked out quite thoroughly when I was contacted and am pleased to say that neither I nor night-falcon were able to find even one case that was questionably legal. Some hero's liken you to any other dangerous youth craze, but I trust the youth of our nation to make the right choices. I just hope I don't damage this machine.. It is very lovely and I can tells someone put a lot of heart into it.. And who can find anything wrong with people trying what they love with all their hearts?"
Ordos: Ariel beamed, "Thank you, so much! I've been working on this device for years. It was always planned for large-scale events like this, but for you to be its first actual ingredient... this is amazing!" She guided Amazing Girl towards a counter attached to a conveyor belt, nearby a few dozen young women were sitting in folding chairs. They were chatting with each other before hand, but as soon as they saw the pair they began to cheer. <e>
Alice: Amazing girl walks along with the young woman, "I already signed the forms stating that I held you blameless for what happens today." She waves to the cheering women, "Hello there!"
Ordos: "They're all members of your fan club in the city," Ariel explained as she began to rummage through a nearby cupboard, "Great as you are, there just isn't enough of you to feed two thousand people. So, when you're batter and we've proven we can bake a piece of you into a cupcake, all these girls will be melted down to join you for the final, large-scale production. They really adore you, to be mixed and baked with you! Now, would you please disrobe?" she asked, finding a bag of white powder. <e>
Alice: *she nods* well, I hope they aren't disappointed when they go home tonight.." She smiles stripping her outfit off having made sure this event would be carefully monitored to avoid corrupting the youth.
Ordos: Ariel shrugged a bit, the gesture undercut by her open admiration of Amazing Girl's physique. "I... I understand most of them made the same bet you did. Still, they're going to be tasty..." with that she began to sprinkle the white powder over Amazing Girl, 'this is our patented flour. It helps you not stick to the cooking surfaces, and primes some of the other changes... wow, I'm going to need another bag," she commented when she had trouble adequately dusting Amazing Girl's magnificently large breasts. <e>
Alice: She blushes just a little bit, "that unearthly body people keep talking about on the news..." she helps you rub the flour over her body, "so. what now? I already said I wouldn't be drinking any potions or getting any injections... not that you have a needle that would work.."
Ordos: Ariel let out a girlish laugh, "oh, no worries about that." With a second, and then a third, bag of the magical flour, applying a good dusting over every inch of her body and hair. "Alrighty, now would you kindly climb into this bowl here," she said, pulling out a large stainless steel mixing bowl, the size of a small hot-tub, rolling along the conveyor belt leading into the machine. <e>
Alice: She floats up and lands in the bowl, "here we go." She smiles to her fans, "Wish me luck!"
Ordos: Ariel giggled, getting into the spirit of her cooking, "no need to worry about luck, my sweets! Cosmagic's sparing no expense! The flour was refined with pure lyrium dust instead of the 1/24 formula we usually use..." She danced to a nearby fridge and bumped it open, taking out two three-gallon jugs of creamy whiteness. She bounced over to Amazing Girl in her bowl and titled the jugs, pouring the chilled milk onto Amazing Girl's naked body, "and this milk came from 100% Cosmagic cowgirls. I think most of them were cheerleaders at a local high school; I know how you like to support local produce!" <e>
Alice: She shivered slightly as the milked poured over her, "local is good. You folks have your hands in just about everything.."
Ordos: "We're in a lot of pies," Ariel coyly agreed, cracking a half-dozen orange-sized eggs into Amazing Girl's bowl, "these eggs, for instance, actually came from a quarter-back from the City Statesmen team. She's a lovely layer these days, and was so happy to hear that her eggs would be used in your mixture. She'd attend in person but, well, she's grown too big to really move since her change." After a the last of the eggs were mixing around with Amazing Girl, and she was beginning to feel oddly aroused, Ariel leaned forward and licked the superhero’s nipple. <e>
Alice: Amazing girl gasps as you liked her and lets out the tiniest of moans, "p..please this is an official function... I..I'm already far more improper than I should be" She flushes sitting in the bowl fingering the egg yolks as they brushed up against her
Ordos: "I'm very official with my ingredients," Ariel teased, "I needed to get a good baseline to know how much sugar to add. You're a very sweet girl... but so were Amanda and Tiffany." She rummaged in the cabinet for a minute before returning with a large ornate jar, a picture of a smiling red-head emblazoned onto the pottery. Holding the jar with one hand she used a small spoon to add a couple pounds of white crystal dust onto Amazing Girl, aiming for her pussy, "Amanda was a colleague of mine. When she learned you were going to be the first to test the machine we worked on, she figured we might need a little more 'oomph' to get the process to stick with you, so she volunteered to be turned into pure sugar to help the process. Go ahead, give her a taste." She offered a spoon of <c>
Ordos: Amanda sugar to Amazing Girl's mouth. <e>
Alice: "well.. it's not a potion.. just sugar right?" seeing your not she does take a spoon full of that sugar using her moaning over the sweetness to cover moans of an entirely different sort.
Ordos: "She was such a sweet girl, we all knew she'd make excellent sugar. We'll be using the rest of her with your fan club. For now..." She put away the jar and pulled out another similar one, this one with a picture of a bashful Asian girl on it, blushing in the photograph. She tilted it and a stream of deep, caramel colored liquid poured out. "Tiffany was an intern who wrote an exceptional paper about magical cuisine. She thought we could improve the flavor of many of our products with more magical ingredients, so she had herself turned into a Vanilla Tree. That was a few years ago, but we tend her well for a harvest every few months. Pretty much all the vanilla she's produced in the last year is going into you... we really need to start a grove, but you can't argue with the results.
Ordos: "So, how do you feel?" she asked, noting with pleasure the tell-tale signs of Amazing Girl's mounting arousal; her flushing beneath the flour, her erect nipples... and a runnyness about her pussy that Ariel knew wasn't just the liquid ingredients. <e>
Alice: She gulps, "I'm feeling very well thank you..I may just have to install some kind of chocolate bath at the hall of justice when I get back.. this does feel.. very nice.." She works to conceal her panting and her hands twitch towards her sex with every other word.
Ordos: "It's more fun if you just give in," Ariel cooed, putting away the vanilla extract and reaching out a large, wooden spoon, easily two feet long. "Any flavors you'd like to add? I'm certain you'll turn out exquisite, but I always like to ask. It helps with that personal touch." Her smile grew lascivious as she hovered the head of the mixing spoon just above Amazing Girl's creamy, floury thighs.
Alice: she blushes, " about.. some nice.. cherries.. for my red tights...?" she pants more one of her hands slipping to to start fingering below the level of the bowl top.
Ordos: "Great idea!" Ariel cooed, dashing over to the freezer. She fingered down a few ingredients before coming back with a bag filled with shiny red, almost dripping cherries. "Let's see... I think these were... ah, yes, a college girl's agriculture experiment. She got an A for them, I understand." She giggled a bit as she poured the cherries into the mix. "Now, let's start the mixing!" She always loved this part, and it showed on her curved lips as she picked up the large wooden spoon. <e>
Alice: Amazing girl shiver then guiltily presses one of the cherries into her sex as she fingers it a hand brushing one of her nipples letting out a long moan as her decorum loses the battle with her arousal.
Ordos: "See?" Ariel giggled, plunging the spoon down, "you're enjoying it already!" The spoon cleanly dipped into her creamy thighs, parting it with ease. She began to move it, straining with visible effort to send the spoon pushing through Amazing Girl's legs, mixing around the mystical ingredients. "The magic's permeated you by now. At this point, it's a matter of your body catching up with what it's already decided to be." <e>
Alice: she moans aloud at the sensation of having her legs mixed off, "oooo.. n..noooo howww I..I'm invulnerable....."
Ordos: "No, you're batter," Ariel teased, pumping her arms in a circular motion. The edges of Amazing Girl's body were blurring. She slipped onto her back in the bowl as her legs lost form, her toes wriggling as they bobbed in and out of the increasingly thick batter, "Just think about how tasty you're going to be"
Alice: she pants and moans trying to user her amazing strength to pull out of this bowl shuddering as she sinks almost bonelessly into the pool of ingredients.
Ordos: "That wouldn't be very sporting," she taunted lovingly, altering her stirring pattern. Amazing Girl's arms melted off near the shoulder, mixing around her body. She brought in lower, breaking open her taut tummy, leaving Amazing Girl in a half dozen pieces, floating in the pool of gooey batter she was melting into. "Soooo how does it feel to be turning into cupcake batter?" Ariel cooed, looking down onto Amazing Girl's face with lust and pride. <e>
Alice:'s a humiliation.... every supervillan in the world tried.... and in the end... it's my own pride..." she gasps and wiggles her body against the other floating chunks of itself, "humiliated... and soo.. turned...... on..."
Ordos: "Well, it is your last day on Earth, but don't think of it as a defeat," Ariel said, happily mixing away her strong, powerful limbs into more rich, gooey goodness, "you're giving yourself back to your fans! Leaving undefeated! Your reputation forever preserved at the height of your game! And... you're going to be delicious. So, any final words for your adoring fans?" By this point, all that was left was Amazing Girl's head floating in the pool of herself. <e>
Alice: Stay strong.. be true to yourself.. don't cry for me!" she pants and moans barely able to keep it together for that advice..
Ordos: "You heard her! And soon, you'll be able to enjoy her!" Ariel said, speaking into the nearby microphone for the crowd to hear. The response was profoundly mixed, especially among the couple dozen fan-girls sitting nearby. Ariel kept mixing until there was nothing visibly human of Amazing Girl left, and then dolloped a large spoonful into a special tray; a cupcake pan with a single cupcake. "This is our proof of concept; once this first cupcake's done, the rest of her will be baked to golden, delicious goodness." With that, the pan slipped into the oven. <e>
Alice: Inside her own self she found herself caught in and endless steam of super powered orgasms as the heat suffused her form.
Ordos: In a surprisingly short moment, the first cupcake came out of the oven. It was a golden, sweet, decadent affair. The machine gently dropped it from its cup, sliding out magically smooth without oil or wrapper. Ariel giggled as she approached it, gently picking it up and thanking herself for Cosmagic flame-ward requirements (a necessary precaution, working with so many magical fires). "You smell magnificent. Think of how much joy you'll be giving your fans," she whispered to the cupcake before taking in a first, slow, decadent bite. <e>
Alice: Amazing girl almost completely loses herself in that moment feeling so tiny.. so delicious...
Ordos: Amazing Girl was delicious. The flavors of sweetness, sweat, sex, and cherries mixed decadently on Ariel's tongue. She'd eaten her fair share of women, well, much more than her fair share, but none had been quite like this. She felt the familiar, intoxicating surge of heat, of desire... she'd have to pick up a girl to fool around with after this. But then... she felt her own body grow warm, tingle with the familiar sensation of magic. She couldn't stop eating Amazing Girl, but she moaned between nibbles as her breasts swelled, turning into gravity-defying E-cup orbs, her feminine lips grew more sensitive, her cleft deeper, her limbs strong and more powerful, and strange, wonderful power swelled within her. In a matter of seconds, the Amazing Girl cupcake was gone and Ariel was <c>
Ordos: greedily licking her fingers. <e>
Alice: Amazing girl shivered and moaned deliberately pouring as much of her own cosmic essence into this girl who was eating her first as she could.. concentrating that essence.. after all, anyone who worked with all her heart couldn't be bad...
Ordos: "Oh... my...." Ariel breathed, suddenly levitating above the ground. She felt herself growing, becoming almost as tall as Amazing Girl had been. "It seems... well, there are always possible side effects with girl treats. I guess... I may have inherited some powers. But right now, we have a fan club to bake!" She floated towards the three dozen or so young women who were part of Amazing Girl's fan club. Some were giddy with excitement at the prospect of being mixed into their heroine, a great deal more were shocked, disturbed, or frightened. <e>

Anyway, that is how it ends. I think we can all see her fan club getting mixed into batter and the whole lot baked up. Who knows who ate a bit of that super heroine?

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